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Trip To Historic Doukhobors Site

Sunday, July 22, 2012

They picked a gorgeous place to settle, at the top of a river valley, the rich land providing all the essentials of life:

This symbolizes their pacifist beliefs and the reason they fled their homeland, not wanting to be conscripted into the army. Photo not allowed by Sparks -it was wood piled up in a triangle shape with rifle replicas leaned around it. They burned all their weapons so they would not have to fight.
An old barn:

Popoff building

Leo Tolstoy provided funds from the sale of his book to help fund the Doukhobors passage to Canada:

Then this happened because of their pacifist beliefs:

Demonstration of washing clothes the hard way:

Explaining the Dugout house:

They are still doing digs to find artifacts from it:

Another house which it would not let me load the outside picture of, was too dark inside to get a good photo:

People lining up to pull the plow, which is what the women had to do when their menfolk were away:

The granddaughter of the original settler Popoff, who is an archaeologist working to preserve the site:

Welcome to the house of worship:

The Three essentials: Bread Staff of life, Salt Essence of life and water Spirit of Life:

They had a Sunday school for the children:

a library:

a kitchen:

They would never turn anyone away who needed help, they had guest rooms upstairs.
This is their philosophy summed up:

They had some artifacts on display:

The mosquitoes were crazy bad there and it was hard to stay in one spot. It was also very hot. It was interesting to note the hosts did not kill any mosquitoes but just flicked them off or waved at them! You would have thought they would have worn repellent or something.
They were dressed in traditional garb and roll playing important people of the day. The mystery they want solved was who murdered their leader Peter Veregin. He was killed in an explosion in a railway car -a bomb in a suitcase was left under his seat in 1924. They never did solve it and under suspicion was everyone from the Canadian government to the Russian government to his own brother. Ironic, that I had hiked the trail that used to be this Kettle Valley line only a week before!
I did my Zumba this morning -with an incredible high energy, sexy Mexican named Roberto -there wasn't one female in there that wasn't whooping it up :) Then another tough Boxercise session. I was happy all my parts held up. I am wearing support braces on both my left ankle and left fore arm and wrist as I am having some pain in them. But the exercising doesn't seem to make them any worse, so I will keep on pushing it and enjoying myself. Can't get enough working out, feels too good!
I hope everyone has a great Saturday evening!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ENUFF81020
    I didn't realize that SP was screening and objecting to photos. I guess in this weird world climate, I can understand what was wrong with the "guns" but I cannot figure out what was wrong with the house. It is a complicated world these days. We had to deal with search and the like at the Gateway Arch. As always, I set off their alarms with the metal in my body. They were kind and understanding--and of course, I could tell them exactly which body parts set off their alarms!
    Take it easy on your body if it continues to ache. I know you like the rowdy exercise, but a day or two of something a bit more gentle may give your body a bit of peace.. (I care about you, my friend!)
    Gentle hugs,
    2060 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing this part of history with us. AWESOME picture and a terrific blog!!! You rock when it comes to exercising too!!!
    Hope you are having a great week!!!
    Blessings and hugs,
    2062 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Sad about what happened to them, thank you for sharing their story and pictures.
    2063 days ago
    Love looking at all the old buildings.

    2063 days ago
    I love historical sites where people dress the period and reenact life then. I love Hopewell Village in Pennsylvania. Thanks for sharing!
    2064 days ago
    Very interesting, great pictures, sorry the mosiqtoes got to you.
    2064 days ago
    I love History-especially when it is about how your area was settled. I am reading a newspaper article now on the history of our county seat and courthouse. I didn't realize the old one was a museum with all kinds of historal artifacts from the county we live in. Want to visit it soon!
    Sorry your ankle and arm are paining you! You rock with your exercise as always!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great week!
    2064 days ago
    Love historical things like this! REALLY interesting. Reminded me of the Ranch inside Oracle State Park. One day I want to go back and really get it all! Thanks again for the post!
    2064 days ago
    Great blog. Thanks for posting the pictures. I enjoy looking at them. I know it takes you a long time, but I love them.
    2064 days ago
    Very interesting pictures - thanks for sharing this historic place! As for the mosquitoes, I've found that they don't bother me since I started taking extra Vitamin B and Garlic supplements. It's not an 'instant fix' and takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks up to as much as 3 months before it takes effect, which is why a lot of people say "I tried that and it doesn't work" - it DOES work if you give it enough time but most people don't do that. At any rate, mosquitoes used to love me but now they don't bother me at all - proved it again when we were in the Sierras on our last vacation. Went hiking with brother, SIL and DH, all of whom were bitten and bothered in spite of bug spray - I did NOT use bug spray and had zero problems - I barely knew there were even any around! That's just one example out of several - one hike I had two mosquitoes land on my arm, then they flew away again without biting, almost as if I was a tree branch they used to scope out what was in the area. Anyway, you might not have time to get the prevention for this year but if you just add those supplements to your daily routine, you'll get the benefit next year for sure!
    2065 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Thanks for sharing a bit of history with pictures! Cool that you had some "eye candy" while working out!
    2065 days ago
    Glad you are still enjoying the working out!!!

    Love the pics! I really enjoy visiting the historic replications that are available. I get much more out of them than just reading about it!

    2065 days ago
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