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Sparkie lessons from gardening in the rain

Friday, July 20, 2012

Uh huh - I'm serious.

I decided that today would be the day I prune the lantana and bed of pentas and creeping lantanas. (Pretty flowering plants that the local butterflies like.)

And when I started, it was cloudy but not raining. Then it started raining, lightly at first and then harder and harder, until it was a steady and strong rain - not a downpour, but a strong rain. But I was halfway through with my pruning, the driveway was full of the cut off branches, and the decomposing flowers were being washed down the drive and onto the walkway. So it just made SENSE to keep working.

And as I worked, I thought about how what I was doing relates to so many lessons I've learned (and need to keep re-learning and reinforcing) here in our Sparkie world. So here goes:

1. HYDRATE! Yes, I was working in the rain, not drinking it - but all that rain reminded me to drink drink drink that water.

2. Make a plan and persevere - it was my day to prune and sweep up the mess, and that's what I did. The weather didn't stop me.

3. Deal with (and ignore) saboteurs - DH came out onto the porch several times to tell me how crazy I was. That I'd get sick. Catch a cold. That I was getting wet. (Duh.) I kept responding that I was already wet, that colds come from a virus, that I was fine. Yup, dealt with him, ignored him, kept working.

4. Get your exercise in a variety of ways. I tend to walk as my go-to cardio. Although I had a few weeks of heavy-duty grouting three or more hours a day. But gardening - all that bending and squatting and cutting and hauling and then all the clean up and sweeping - it's good exercise. It's part of an active lifestyle.

5. Watch where you are going to avoid accidents. Okay, so in gardening I'm not going to crash into a tree or get hit by a car - but I did somehow back into the runoff from the upstairs porch, and suddenly I was even wetter than I was before. So - the lesson - watch where you are going to avoid accidents!

6. In hot weather, be careful to avoid sunburn, heat stroke, all those hot weather issues. All of us in the northern hemisphere need to remember this right now - and working in the gardening while it's raining is a good way to keep cool and avoid the tropical sun we have here.

7. Have FUN!!!!! Do you remember how much fun it was playing in a sprinkler as a kid? Or running around outside in the rain during the summer? Gardening in the rain is a little crazy, but a lot of fun! And remember, if it's fun, we're more likely to do it and keep doing it!!!
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