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Friday, July 20, 2012

If things keep going on the up like this.

In the last seven days I tried some new things, felt sexy, saw a change in the scale and the tape measure, realised that I don't hate myself any more, made a bunch of new spark friends, got named DGOTD, did both my planned ST sessions, walked past a bag of half-price marshmallows (my ULTIMATE trigger food), baked some amazing cakes and biscuits, and didn't eat them all. In fact I haven't eaten any yet.

And you know what I just this second realised? It's the end of my TOM and I haven't cried. Not once. That's insane! Everyone in a mile radius can always tell when it comes because I'm a raging, sobbing, snapping emotional wreck. But I wasn't. I wonder which part of my lifestyle change has caused this miracle.

This has just been the most epic week I've had for years. I know life can't be this good forever, but I'm sure as heck going to enjoy it while it is : )
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