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Well Darn I knew It Couldn't Go Smooth Long...... UGH!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well, YES I am enjoying my Woman Cave.......YAY!

My Dad is doing okay, this past weekend I had to "do The deed" of cleaning him up after he pooped. Poor thing WAITED..... sitting there for Mom (who was at Church) and I finally was like "Dad, I am a grown ass woman, let me do this and lets not worry about it"......he RELUCTANTLY agreed' we were BOTH nervous, but made it through.
Mom said he didn't say anything about it to her and that that was a GOOD sign, Bless his heart.

I was SO enjoying Nick being in summer school. He had to go to pass English in order to proceed to 9th grade, high school. I knew he was a bit nervous about it and we had talked about it and I had enrolled him in a class that dealt with making the "anxious" kids relax and not be scared or insecure about going. So all was going well, GREAT grades, until today it all came crumbling down.

I honestly do not know WHY this child fights me so much. We have been through SO much, since he was gee like 6,,,,with counseling and meds and so forth. He is SO damn intelligent it really kills me to see him sabotage himself, yet he has no idea what he is in for. Or does he?

The smoke JUST cleared from his Vandalism charge at school for putting Superglue in the door lock, going to court etc, etc. paying fines and all that mess. Summer school was going GREAT, no worries. So today I am at work in the middle of cleaning a house and I get a call from the Principle telling me that Nick had taken a pocket knife with a blade 3" or longer to school. It is Doug's and they do NOT lay around so he hunted it out. And he sliced up a seat on the bus (which he KNOWS is a big deal since I was once a busdriver),,,,,,so now he is expelled for the rest of the remaining 10 days of summer school, which means he will in turn fail 8th grade.
Now He is once again charged with vandalism AND bring a WEAPON to school.......HOW WONDERFUL. So he obviously learned absolutely NOTHING the 1st time around, even though we showed up for what I thought was a 1 pm court date, yet it was at 10 am, I was told they would just reissue another summons, No heads up that I WOULD BE ARRESTED, HANDCUFFED, PROCESSED, PICTURE WITH THE NUMBER THE WHOLE NINE YARDS for an honest mistake, I worked my work schedule around 1 pm for weeks..... Judge dismissed my charge since I had no record.
He has no idea what he is in for and I am just going to stand back and let him have it. He thinks the J.D. Home is obviously a joke, I have spoken to him about that as well, in detail. Doesn't seem to matter to him. Oh well he says, I don't know why I did it (whatever it may be) he says....
The Officer really reamed him (which I loved since he is the FIRST ONE of SO MANY people we have had to deal with thru the years, always a slap on the wrist) didn't bother Nick a bit.
Being his Mom of course I dont wish for him to go to the J.D. home, even for a day, but with a weapons charge he may have to go and maybe it is what he needs, I know MY talks and his counselor(s) have not seem to make any impact.....I am against the wall now.
I have cried several times today and I am sure I will continue because I love him so much, he is so smart, but he KNOWS exactly what he is doing. I don't get it.
So bye bye phone, all game systems, tv....everything.......He does NOT CARE.
So we will see what happens now, I have a meeting with the Middle School Principle Monday at 8 am......NOT looking forward to that.

Prayers, peeps...I need some, this child has GOT TO SEE THE LIGHT~~~~!!!!
Thank you all for letting me vent.........
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Love to you all,
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2018 days ago
    I'm so sorry you are going through all of that with him. I'm sending my best thoughts and prayers to give you strength and to help him see the right path!
    2044 days ago
    Hi there...just a quick note to give you a virtual hug. We faced a difficult time with our son when he was in 9th/10th grade, but not as bad as you have had. There is a reason why the research says that young males' brains aren't fully developed until some absurd age like 25. That doesn't help as his momma, though. Seems like you are getting pushed from both sides, your dad (although you didn't complain at all, I'm sure it can't be easy to have your dad like this) and your son. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love your son even when he is unlovable (so easy to say, so much harder to do) and god-willing, he will turn a corner in a year or so. Hugs!
    2045 days ago
    I have a cousin that we all thought would end up in prison because he was such a troubled child. Smart, smart, smart but always in trouble. He stole stuff from school, stayed out all night, got caught drinking a lot of times. I don't know what happened but the switched finally flipped, maybe when he got involved with football. The discipline of the sport turned him around. Today he's a college graduate that lives in Arizona that makes tons of money every year and has a beautiful home and wife. I pray for a turn around for your son as well. Keep your chin up.
    2045 days ago
    Wow, I can't imagine being in your situation. My parents had similar challenges with my brother when I was growing up and it just seemed like there was absolutely nothing they could do to get through to him and make him change his ways. I wish I could offer you some advice based on that experience, but I really can't. I guess all I can say is that your primary job is to love your child and help him through difficult times. You can't force him to change.
    2045 days ago
    I'll be praying for you and your son...hope everything works out for you both. Glad to hear your charges were dismissed. emoticon
    2045 days ago
    My friend had a little brother that sounds just like your boy, he needed discipline and a sense of being somebody. He grew to eighteeen and joined the marines and has been a well to do happy camper ever since. I don't suggest the Army though. But Marines, yes. I saw many boys come home a man after a year or so in the military. Some boys need it, some don't . Just have to wait and see what happens over time with your boy. ALl we can do is continue to love them and pray for them, and give them reasons, man, reasons why not, one right after another. My son, fortunately was fairly easy. I told him early on if he ended up in jail, I wasn't going to come get him so he better start thinking about what he is doing. He never went to jail. Was a fairly good boy too. Now is a nice grown up young man.
    Your's will likely grow out of it too. Keep the faith.
    Phyllis emoticon
    2046 days ago
    Sending lots of prayer emoticon emoticon that things will get better!
    2046 days ago
    Oh man you have had a time huh? Im so sorry you are going through all this and i know how hard it is. I'm glad mine is "older now", but I sure do miss him.

    As for your Dad, I know that feeling also, although mine was with my Mom. Still hard for a parent to have to go through this, with their child. I can say it does get easier, but it's a shame anybody has to go through this at all.

    My prayers are with you ALL honey..Keep your head up and your heart open, its all we can do.

    2046 days ago


    2046 days ago
    My heart and prayers go out to you and for him.
    2046 days ago
    you and your son are in my prayers.
    2046 days ago
    good Lord woman! Prayers, hugs and love
    2046 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Prayers for you, for him, for the judge and all others - I hope someone can get through to him.
    2046 days ago
    I am so sorry. :(
    2046 days ago
    Wow, that is difficult when nothing seems to be reaching him. I will be praying regularly for him!
    2046 days ago
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