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The EXCUSES rear their ugly heads again

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last night was Green Drinks -- it's a monthly program I organize. I checked out the menu options, and stayed well within my ranges for the day even with one beer (I was at 1255 calories!!) And I planned to come home afterward and go for a half-hour run and strength train.

EXCUSE #1: Too tired
EXCUSE #2: I had alcohol, so I can't (really, Falon? One beer over two hours ago?!)
EXCUSE #3: It's too hot

All three of these excuses beat through my head on the drive home, and I knew that I was justifying that slippery slope that will lead me back to weight gain and unhealthy living. But I listened...I went to bed instead of running and ST, but I decided to get up early the next morning and do my workouts then.

I remember this cycle from college. You don't WANT to do something, so you JUSTIFY procrastinating. You say you'll do it tomorrow morning before class...but then you oversleep...and oh no, panic!

EXCUSE #4: The kitties were fighting again, and they woke me up.

This one is at least semi-valid. They started fighting (hissing, spitting, yowling, the whole 9 yards) IN THE BED at 3 this morning. And let me tell you, when the kitty sleeping on your pillow makes those noises, the adrenalin rush will keep you up for a while.

I did actually think about exercising then, but tried to go back to sleep instead.

EXCUSE #5: It's too late/dark, it won't be safe.

So I prefer to run outside....the apartment complex has a full gym that is EMPTY at 3! I could have run on the treadmill, or even stayed in my apartment and done strength training, rather than lying in bed reading and waiting for the adrenalin to settle. I probably would have fallen back to sleep FASTER if I had exercised!

EXCUSE #6: I'll just hit the snooze button once....
EXCUSE #7: I can still sleep for XX more minutes...
(Can you figure out where this is going?)

EXCUSE #8: I overslept.
EXCUSE #9: I didn't sleep well last night.

This is another vicious cycle for me. When I don't sleep well I don't exercise because I'm TOO TIRED, but when I don't exercise I can't sleep!

All of these are valid EXCUSES...but EXCUSES nonetheless. What I should have done was just told myself that I would take a rest day ahead of time, knowing how busy my day would be, and planned to work out the day before and the day after. THAT WOULD BE PLANNING AHEAD!!

Instead, I tried to make a plan that, deep down, I think I knew I wouldn't keep and then entered the shame spiral, justifying my EXCUSES for changing plans.

So from now on, I'll look ahead and see what events I have in the evenings (when I'll be working more than 12-13 hours, or driving for more than 3-4). And I'll plan to take those days as rest days, or I'll plan to walk outside for 10 minutes as my cardio. That way, if I feel up to it I can do more, but there won't be any shame or excuses for being human.
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    Good plan :)
    2074 days ago
    Thanks so much, everyone!

    I'm trying to learn from past mistakes, and this is one that I never really addressed...I just thought everyone skipped workouts on those long days when I was young(er) and stupid(er)! But life doesn't stop with one bad day, and letting myself lose the routine I've been developing because I don't get home from work until 10 or later one day a week is selling myself short.

    I used to buy into the ridiculous mentality that once I had "blown" a day, or a week, then I should just take advantage of it and start fresh tomorrow. Life doesn't just start completely over every morning, and giving in to an eating binge or ignoring workouts for the rest of the week because I MIGHT NOT hit my weekly goals just pushes the problem to tomorrow instead of fixing it!

    I'm going to find that little excuse-monger in my brain and hog-tie him and gag him, and I'll make sure that I don't set myself up for failure on those days when I know I'll have trouble. If I'm working late one night, that still leaves six more for running, dancing, bicycling, and strength training!

    AND...since we have gotten a little rain in Indiana, I'm going to plan to go kayaking this weekend. A 2-3 hour trip should MORE THAN make up for the calories I could have burned...and I have a lot more free time and flexibility to plan workouts and active adventures on Saturdays, anyway!
    2074 days ago
    Tighten up! Cut the nonsense that you know it is. Morning person? I am. I hate and never work out after work. Wake up at 3? Go for it. You might be surprised how it sets up your day, even with sleeping afterwards. What is your normal rising time? You'll need a certain amount of time to drop into restful sleep after an early AM exercise regimen. Once I'm up, I'm up for the day but, then again, I'm asleep early, not very conducive to a social life.
    2075 days ago
    Girl you are preachin' to the coir on this one! I admire you so much for being honest about making excuses. We all do it, but aren't always so honest with ourselves about it. That's the first step to changing it. I make the same excuses and can really relate to skipping a workout because you are too tired. We should make a pact with each other that when we are tempted to skip a workout for any reason, we'll make ourselves get just 10 minutes in. I say "us" because I do the same thing and could really use some help staying accountable to myself. So I'll make the pact with YOU. If you do it, I will too, and then we'll both be rockin' sexy beach bods before we know it!!! You in??
    emoticon emoticon
    2075 days ago
    Get those excuses at bay and you'll keep the pounds at bay.
    2075 days ago
    You have my sympathy. It is hard!
    2075 days ago
    It's a spiral, definitely. But you're setting yourself up to avoid failure in the future, and that's a win!
    2075 days ago
    Latley i've been making lots of excuses myself. It is hard to stop them once you start making them.

    I love how you are going to start planning ahead more. I will have to start doing that too!

    We can do this!
    2075 days ago
    Oh I know all of these excuses - except the one with the kitties. Man some days it is hard to get going and soooooooooooooo much easier to talk yourself out of it!
    2075 days ago
    When I start making excuses to not do my walking, I tell myself I only have to do 10 mins. I usually then do a good walk anyway.

    Remember: The hardest step to take on a walk/run is the one out the door.
    2075 days ago
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