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Not a bread, pasta or rice eater

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've discovered that I've never been any of those things. Sure some of them end up in some of my dishes, but I've never felt that they needed to be part of my meal.

The only way I like bread is if it's so fresh it's still warm. I'm not a sandwich person and never have been.

Rice is only good for being under a stir fry or in certain hot dishes.

There are a couple of pasta dishes that I love, but it's not something that I make daily. Cheese stuffed pastas I could have plain and did quite a bit when I was 20.

I get the majority of my carbs through my fruits and veggies. Since starting this, I've not felt the need to have one of those above mentioned options with every dinner. I used to think I needed rice or pasta with nearly every dinner. I didn't always get veggies in with each dinner. Dinner is the only meal that the whole family is there to eat, so therefore I need to make sure it is the best balanced meal we get.

I don't feel that I'm missing anything if I don't get any of them during a whole week. Despite having boxes upon boxes of my favorite pastas around the house because I got them on sale for a good price (under $1 this month!) doesn't mean that they'll be used that quickly.

I have 3 different types of rice in my pantry, Jasmine, brown and wild, but they sit there for a while. I'm the only wild rice eater, so that lasts much longer. I don't miss them sitting next to the rest of the meal on my plate.

I only get one loaf of bread a week and most of the time it's moldy before it's eaten all the way.

I'm probably an odd one for eating all my "sandwich" items as single items. I'll eat my meat next to my cheese with some veggies next to that. There will be no bread on my plate. I'd rather load up a salad than cook up those items.

I'm not saying I never ever eat those 3 items, they're just not the top of my list. Seems like they're more of a filler than anything.

It's amazing how much more energized I feel not eating those items. I make sure I have veggies each day. I'm eating more fruit than I'd have had this time last year. Those things don't need to be part of every meal. I've heard from many people that say they don't miss them either.

I just don't feel the need to eat things that aren't stimulating to me.

Is there anything that you don't miss? Is there anything that you've cut out for the most part intentionally or unintentionally? Is there anything that you've discovered that has become your new favorite food?
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  • KAREN608
    We sure are opposites! But glad for you since you are losing weight. If you told me all I could eat are carbs, I'd be a happy camper. Sigh.
    2007 days ago
    Perhaps you could make your own breads where you can add things you want to make it to your taste. That way you can make the dough, freeze them until you want them and then make them into rolls or small loaves. Just the smell.. ahhhhhhh
    2008 days ago
  • KLONG8
    I'm more focused on balancing my meals, making sure veggies and fruits get a much stronger billing than in my sordid past! I believe bread, pasta, rice...well its good to be smart about it but sensible. A small red potato on my plate really helps fill me up and I stay more satisfied. I'd be curious, however, what it would be like to live without these obvious carbs.
    2008 days ago
  • TANYA602
    I have to agree with JDELMIT; I love bread and potatoes. And in the past few months we have weaned them from our meals. I miss them, but not as much as I feared. I do have to admit we had paninis for the first time tonite in ages! I will also say that they were made with asparagus, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, spinach, pesto, and fresh tomatoes. I occasionally miss ice cream, as well. We went cold turkey with that a few months ago. As far as for what surprises me - that I am eating veggies in place of where I would eat meat or bread and potatoes. Not that we've given up meat, but I cook a lot less of it than before.
    I hope you are having a great start to your week and enjoying some yummy meals!
    2008 days ago
    I am the exact opposite to you. I love all those things and I would add potatoes. I am a carb addict. It is harder for me to kick these foods out than chocolate.
    2008 days ago
    I would have to agree for the most part. I would have added potatoes to the list too. I always found it was common to find one or two of these items on a dinner plate in my youth - but that was the plate design then. I could defintiely manage making myself fat on just salads.

    My husband's the opposite - but add cheeses, casseroles, etc. to them to boot. It is killing him! I hope the trip to the doctor's today can hit him in the head harder than I can towards change! I had to laugh a few weeks ago when he looked at his plate and asked why there were so many vegetables. He will eat anything I make. But when a few healthy meals hit his system and starts to flush out the bad - he blames the vegetables. Sigh!
    2009 days ago
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