Graduation and New Beginnings

Monday, July 16, 2012

Yea Baby!
I finally did it - first in my family. I graduated from college, summa cum laude no less!
It was an overly hot day (who thought it was a good idea to make graduation gowns black and out of polyester), but it was still an insanely happy moment. *looks around* Did I admit that?

I won't lie - when I saw my graduation photos I realized quite fully how much I ignored my body the last year. An overloaded schedule, plus summer school and a program that is very hard on the female body (more on that later) absolutely took its toll. Truly, I knew I was gaining weight. It has been over a year since I could wear my good jeans, after all. But I just couldn't think about that. I had research to finish, student work hours, a crushing reading load and writing, writing, writing to do. When I could I squeezed in a moment to myself and attended a few events. All in all, I was a busy woman and in the end, a pretty accomplished one. I was nominated for, although I didn't win, the dean's award. I didn't tell anyone in my program about that, nor did I tell anyone that I was graduating with highest honors. When they called my name as an award nominee, everyone in my program just cheered. When I stood up for honors they went nuts and I could hear my family and friends behind me hooting and hollering. As much as I tried to be casual about it, truly, I was bursting.

I double majored in psychology and women's studies - and it is the later that was so very hard on the female body. Those classes were hands down the most academically challenging courses and the most eye-opening. It is a bit of a misnomer, really, as I studied all 'marginalized' groups, which is really - almost all of us in one way or another, but certainly all women because no matter your class, religion, education or other status, women are disadvantaged world-wide. Semester after semester of learning and researching about how women are impacted by lowered wages, institutionalized bias, discrimination and deprivation throughout history, body issues pedaled through all forms of media and swallowed and spread by society, religious oppression, disadvantage in marriage and divorce, genocide, domestic violence and murder, rape and mutilation in civilian and military situations, and the list goes on began to truly take a toll on me. Once my class load was over full-time, I think I broke down a bit. I tried on more than one occasion to see a counselor at the university, particularly after I volunteered on a crisis hotline and later at a women's health clinic - but the university system is so impacted that I was never able to be seen. So, I muddled through. Hubby has been without work for a while now so I had/have no medical insurance so that was not an option. I had one or two panic attacks, and my weight loss nearly disappeared - after all that hard work.

But I haven't 'lost' everything.. I lost shame. I knew what was happening and I tried to do better, but I failed. What I do have is regret, and I am back working at it. And, I have all the knowledge that I gained the last time around. I'm not worried that I will fail, because I know this is just another step in the journey. So now, the focus is back on me.

One day, I do hope to learn how to juggle better.

The latest update is I'm putting off getting into a grad program for a year. I've been accepted to the one grad program I have applied for, but I've put it on hold. I need time to investigate other schools, and frankly to be ready. A friend who is finishing her program said to me (as she was writing her thesis) "Grad school is the process of researching and working to death some subject you love, until you absolutely detest it." That is how I will feel if I start to soon and don't get a break. So, I will find some contract or part-time work, do some of my own research, and focus on ME for a while. AND, next spring I should be in Italy, as my graduation present from a friend. How cool is that??

SPaRk PeEPs ... I missed you all!!!!
I am looking forward to the enthusiasm, the complaining (laugh) and taking the trip with you all again.

Onward! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Welcome home Baby!!!!!!
    You look absolutely radiant and just plain beautiful in your grad pic. I am so proud of you! emoticon

    It is really a testament to your soul how you internalized all that you learned about your sisters' plight worldwide and mourned to the point of breaking down. We are all lucky to have you. Now is YOUR time. I'm so happy for you. All of your friends missed you.

    How kick-ass are you honors gal??!!!

    You rock Bernie, I just am tripping on words because there just is no proper way to express my admiration for you.
    2041 days ago
    Congratulations, GF!!! I am so proud of you and so happy for you!! You worked your butt off for this!
    I love the focus of your studies.

    You look marvelous. I can't say it like Billy Crystal or Ricardo Montalban ""you look MAHvelous" but you know I mean it!! You can always bust that weight back off. I have to do the same. Gained 30 pounds last year!!

    I hope you will stick around now. I have missed you!!
    2047 days ago
  • LKG9999
    Berni -

    Congratulations on your scholastic accomplishments and high honors graduation! Mazel Tov! I hit a similar place last spring when I realized my success at work was taking a toll on my health and well-being. Welcome back, I'm looking forward to getting caught up with you!

    2047 days ago
    You DID it!!! I bet there were times when you thought you wouldn't, but you are one determined lady when you have a goal!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2047 days ago
    WOW!!! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have achieved a wonderful goal!! It is important to take care of the "whole" person and meeting this goal sets you up for success in all other areas of your life!! I am so happy for you! Secondly, I am so happy to see you back! I've missed you! And, your picture is great!! You look wonderful!!
    2047 days ago

    2048 days ago
  • SARS613
    2048 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2048 days ago
    Congratulation emoticon emoticon emoticon .Now it is time to concentrate on you being fit & healthy!!! We are here for you to go on the journey!!!
    2048 days ago
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