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Weekend foods, BLC break plan, and new leg pic!

Monday, July 16, 2012

So this weekend was decent, I did pretty well.. But I did work so it was a little out of whack at times.. I am probably not posting EVERYTHING I ate, bc it's hard to remember now...

Saturday Breakfast

Coffee, nature valley granola bars, and watermelon

Sunday Breakfast

Coffee, nature valley granola bars

Monday Breakfast

Choc PB oatmeal with banana in it. YUM.

Lunches- I tried to be carb heavy since I am still trying to do the no-carbs after lunch thing.

Saturday Lunch


Sunday Lunch

Pierogies (4) They really aren't that high in cals!

Monday Lunch


Dinners: Most all were low/no carb.. Sunday was a little tough

Saturday Dinner:
I got some broccoli and cottage cheese, and scarfed that down at work quick - we were SLAMMED BUSY. no time for pictures of that.
Then we took a break and I had another almond berry chicken salad from Wendy's.

Sunday Dinner:
Screwed. I was planning on having my salad with vinegar, some cottage cheese, and my watermelon over the course of the work night, and buy some tomato soup that they were supposed to be having in the cafeteria... Got there, no tomato soup to be found.. just cream of mushroom. BLECH! So I ate what I had (not the watermelon) and I was still hungry.. I waited 20 minutes to see if I would be full, but I wasn't.. So I went and bought a bag of popcorn.. devoured the whole thing over the course of the night, AND a crunch bar. :(
Lack of snack packing leads to lack of judgement on food choices! :(

Monday dinner
2 scrambled eggs with a slice of cheese

and some cottage cheese

I had some watermelon, a couple hershey bliss's over the course of the weekend, maybe a couple bites here and there... could be worse! I am still even with my weight from last week, so that's pretty good for a weekend at work. I will do good tomorrow for my last day before weigh in for the BLC challenge!!

Speaking of which, for our challenge this week we are asked to blog our plans for the break.

After we get back from vacation I am planning on starting up the 30 Day Shred in the mornings.. I'm not looking forward to it but I have completely fallen off the workout wagon and I am really struggling to get back on!

I am going to try to incorporate more protein into my dinners, and try to stick with the no carbs after lunch. Maybe when I plateau again (which is inevitable) then I will do the Fat Smash detox again to shake it up.

I must continue with my water. Even on days off!

Keep going with the food blog- it does keep me accountable because there are times when I think 'do I really want to disappoint everyone by eating that?' And I do the best when I am at work, I can make better choices when it comes to lunch, usually.. but I am running out of things to have that have carbs in them to keep me going the rest of the day!

I admit though, that the challenge took up a lot of time, but it did get me more involved again in Spark, so that's a good thing. The thing I have the hardest trouble with is keeping up with everyone and posting on the challenge threads.. Theres just not enough time in the day for me to do everything I need to do to lose the weight, and also have time to read what everyone writes and then have time to write back AND do my food blog! whew!

I am going to do the SAC challenge, which is like a 'layover' challenge to keep me going and moving during the break, but it doesn't have posting requirements, so that will be a HUGE relief!


And now- I had another leg appointment today, and what I decided is that I am going to get just the metal bar leg, and have my friend paint it for me! But I am going to get a removable foam cover to put over the metal bar (like the leg I have now) just for the times when I am wearing pants and might be around people I don't know and not want to have to explain my whole story if they see that the pants are twisting around my leg, or when we go out dancing or something.. And I will use my current leg as a back up for going to weddings or something where I want a 'nice looking' leg, and I will get a 'skin' put on that one to make it look more real. It's nice to have a variety! haha.
So I took a picture of my metal bar leg, and it's not finished yet, the white part won't be showing, it will actually be part of the painted part though, and I am going to cut off some of the black sleeve on the bottom so it can help show off the paint job! :)

Ok all, that's enough for tonight! Whew, this took forever! haha
Back at it tomorrow! :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I liked the foto's. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you have plans for the leg and even have a back-up. I had a friend with a glass eye and every so often he needed to fit a new eye. He would then come back from the appointment and tell me the person serving him had a handful of eyes and he could pick one. He always got a smile from me because my brain is very visually inclined. I can see you dancing and doing your thing, fancy leg or not. You are a tonic for me. Thank you for being you!
    1967 days ago
    I can't seem to picture what your friend will be doing to your leg so I'm eager to see it. As odd as it sounds, I wish I had as many leg choices as you are going to have! emoticon
    1968 days ago
  • DEE797
    I like your food blog. Can't wait to see what your friend does to your leg, bet it will look awesome. No worries on keeping up with all the posts on the thread. Just do what you can. emoticon
    1973 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Looking good!!
    1973 days ago
    1974 days ago
    I cant wait to see pics!! Awesome usual!
    1974 days ago
  • SYLVIA111111
    You are doing great so keep it up! I have got to try the oatmeal with banana as I love bananas. Love the idea of painting your leg... send some pics when you get it done.
    1974 days ago
    Great eating for a weekend of working! I am also better eating at work because I am used to my routine and I usually only eat the food I have packed from home.

    Love the idea of painting your new leg! Your confidence shows throughout this whole blog and it is AWESOME emoticon
    1974 days ago
    You have such great blog posts - I always enjoy reading them
    1974 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    You will have to post pictures of your new leg once it is painted and all fix up. Don't work to hard at work. and stay cool in this heat wave. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care.
    1974 days ago
    I am glad you are going with the sounds fun...good for you!!! Can;t wait to see the pictures!
    1974 days ago
  • FITAT50
    You'll have to post pictures after your friend paints your leg, do you have any ideas what you want?

    You're stressing to much about reading everything on the chat and I don't want anyone stressing about posting. We'll talk more about it before next round starts. Have fun with your SAC team!
    1974 days ago
    Erin, I just love reading your blogs! I am sure that your food blogs have made you more invested in the Spark experience and that is really cool! I would say not to worry about reading every post in BLC land, do the best you can and don't worry about missing anything. If something major is going on we are all usually talking about it so you will see the topic being posted by multiple people. I think you did a great job keeping up and I'm looking forward to round 20 with you!!!
    1974 days ago
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