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Monday, July 16, 2012

I had my alarm set to get up and workout this morning, but after getting up and brushing my teeth, I was light headed so I thought an hour and a half of sleep was more important than the workout.

It was a good decision because after 6 hours at work, I gave in and came home. I even requested intermittent FMLA before I left so that I will be able to leave early during the week if I get tired. I even thought of just bringing my sleeping bag to work in case I need a nap during the day.. emoticon

I relaxed for a bit, had a roast beef wrap and orange juice. I was feeling better so I thought I would try going for a walk. I realize I can't keep up with my Tough Mudder training, but I can at least try not to backslide too much.

Today I was supposed to do 6.5 miles in 65 minutes. I knew that wasn't going to happen, but my goal was 5.5 miles in 75 minutes (the 75 minutes based on the time I had before Bachelorette started).

I started out and was feeling great. The weather is exactly my favorite, hot with a breeze. At least, normally my favorite right now it is hot for me too.

I got in 3.3 in 50 minutes. MUCH closer to my normal walking pace.

While I was walking my doctor called me and is going to run some more test so I'll have to give up more blood tomorrow. I better drink up in order to get the blood flowing good. Hopefully it will be a one poke day.
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