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Scary situation - Epilepsy?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Utah had 3 seizures yesterday. It was incredibly scary. The first was at 5:50AM, second at 11:30 and third at 3:15. After the first I had no idea it was a seizure. I missed part of it as I was just getting downstairs to his pen.

The second I witnessed from beginning to end. I knew it was a seizure, very scary. I took him to our vet shortly after. They did blood work and such. I brought him home and made an appointment with a neurologist for Monday. Utah then had another at 3:15. We went ahead and took him in to Carolina Animal Specialist. This is where I used to take Aspen.

The plan was/is to try to get the Epilepsy meds to kick in. They wanted him to stay the night to be there 24 hours without a seizure. I called this morning & he had another seizure at 2AM. He was given a shot of volume. Again, the goal is to interrupt/stop this repetition.

The Neurologist check on him again this morning and called us around 10:00. He said that Utah has temporary blindness. This surprised me. I totally missed this. The doc recommended that we stick with the plan. Utah will stay another day. I will continue to call in for updates. We have decided that we will likely not visit today because we do not want to agitate him in any way. We are thinking that he is likely very worn out.

We are confident all will be ok. It is just to puzzling for this to happen all of the sudden. Our hope and the likely hood is good that this is Epilepsy and he can simply be on medication to control/minimize the seizures. They did kidney & liver tests and those looked good.

Interesting/frustrating thing is that there is no test for Epilepsy. So it is a matter of ruling other things out and ending up with Epilepsy. NOT the ideal in my mind. An MRI this weekend would be between $2500 and $3000. This would tell us if he has a tumor on his brain or brain swelling. It would be between $2300 and $2600 if done Monday. IF it needs to be done.

My mind realizes that if the seizures stop or even just so they do not get worse/longer we should wait and not do the test. Also, if his vision come back it will be another good sign and indicator that we do not need the test.

But..... part of me wants the test because I want to know that it is not something more. The docs say that a brain tumor would not be likely at his young age.

Just playing it by ear and staying positive.

Of course the other thing I must add is this is trigger thoughts of my best friend.

I have not cried that out yet & know I need to or it will build up. I tried to explain to my man that I truly realize this is totally different but it still triggered something that makes me really miss my girl. For example, walking Sierra alone this morning.

Thanks for listening.

Oh, here is Utah for my few friends who don't know :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My dog Bailey started having seizures November 2010, he had 2 the first night, and he ended up staing the night at the emerg vet to make sure he had no more. When I brought him to his vet, she immediately gave us a prescription for valum, this is to prevent the seizures from clustering as more than 1 in 24 hr period can be dangerous. Whenever he has a seizure, we give him 1/2 about an hour later (with a spoon of vanilla ice cream - brings the blood sugar back up) and so far, he has never had another cluster.

    March 2011, we started him on Potassium Bromide, as his siezures were getting closer together, when they reached 13 days apart, it was time to medicate.
    They seizures spanned to about 3 mths apart, then in December 2011, they started every 3 wks again. We started him on Phenobarb almost 2 mths ago, and so far, all is good, he has not seized since May 9th.

    Bailey only has seizes while sleeping. So that usually means he's in bed with me during the night, or with my hubs during the day (night shift) so we always know when he has one.

    I would ask your vet for valum, my co-worker's dog has had seizures for 6 years, and they only just gave him valum after I mentioned that our vet gave it to us right away.
    They told my co-worker they never gave it because he never asked for it (WHAT??)

    I will say, before we started medicating, we had him thoroughly checked out to be sure there was nothing else that could be causing it, we skipped the MRI because of 1) the cost, and 2) all dogs that seize are normally diagnosed with Epilepsy, and 3) we believe he seizes due to scar tissue on his brain (he was strangled @ 1 1/2 yrs)

    Just know that they are controllable! My main worry was that he was not going to be the same dog, but he is, once the dosing is fine tuned, and you know how he reacts, it will be ok. After he would seize though, he would turn into a little maniac! He would be climbing on stuff, getting into things he never did before etc.

    I had read up on seizures in dogs for a while before medicating, I now give him a small spoon of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt right after he has one, this will bring his blood sugar back up, and it can lessen the amount of time they are out of it afterwards (forget the term).
    As for Bailey, once he comes to, he needs to go potty, we bring him out, then he gets a bit of food with (super hungary), and drinks a galon of water. If in the middle of the night, he tends to come back to bed easily, if it happens during the day (rarely - but still while sleeping) we keep him really quite for a few hours to be sure.

    Utah will be ok, you are right, it is very scary to see it happening, just be calm for him. How does Sierra react? My Mia gets all worried about her mate, and cries, then once he comes out of it, she plasters him with kisses and follows him around
    1862 days ago
  • LENKA763
    I'm so sorry to hear that.I hope for the best.
    I can even begin to think how crushed I would be if I had to deal with your situation.
    Stay strong!

    Hugs Lenka
    1863 days ago
    Your plate is certainly full. I hope things can get under control. I'm sorry you have to go through this. They thought at first my Mags was having seizures but it ended up being her heart (Boxer Cardiomyopathy) and that came up all of a sudden too. I pray for your Utah and hope he will be okay real soon. Sending gentle hugs your way. A hug for Sierra too. Keke
    1864 days ago
  • APED7969
    Sounds like Utah is in good hands. I hope he does not need an MRI, I can understand why you'd want to get it done to rule out more serious problems but a lot of seizures are idiopathic so the MRI might not give you any answers and cost a lot of money. A lot of dogs are well controlled with regular medications. Sending positive vibes to both of you!
    1864 days ago
    I so hope everything turns out to be ok with Utah. I hope that it does turn out to be epilepsy since they can treat that with good success. My thoughts are with you and Utah.
    1864 days ago
    So much to deal with...I am very sorry. I knew this would trigger thoughts of Aspen and all that she went through. To have another dog with serious medical issues is a lot to handle. Sounds like he is in a good care facility though and that they are being very pro-active with treatment.

    Sending you virtual hugs! Hang tight. You are strong and we may never know why he is having to go through this but I bet he is strong too!

    emoticon emoticon
    1864 days ago
    My heart goes out to you and Utah! I hope there will be a positive, healthy outcome in the end. I love my animals and could cry to see what yours is going through. Prayers to you both.
    1864 days ago
    That's so scary. Had he had any recent flea or heartworm meds? It's rare, but once in a while, some dogs can react to those.

    I've had 2 dogs with seizures. I feel for you. Prayers for you & Utah! emoticon
    1864 days ago
    Thats really hard to go thru.. my son went thru that... don't know where the seizures came from... but the best note was meds control it 99% of the time so we are grateful for that... I hope your best friend recovers and comes home... emoticon
    1864 days ago
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