Calories burned during 30 day shred

Friday, July 13, 2012

So I was curious how to track the 30 Day Shred workout on the tracker.... So I googled calories burned during the workout and found Jillian Michaels answer to my question on her own site. Here is the answer she gave:

JILLIAN SAYS: It's all relative to your age, body weight, height, gender, and so on. The general rule of thumb is, for every 25 pounds of weight you have on your frame, you will burn an additional 50 calories an hour provided you work out at the same intensity for the entire hour.

For example, I weigh 120 pounds — which is almost 5 groups of 25 pounds — so if I multiply 50 calories by 5 for 250 calories, then divide that per-hour amount by 60 it comes out to slightly more than 4 calories a minute.


So for me I weight 196 (so almost 200 or 8 groups of 25)..... 8 * 50 = 400 cals per hour, 400 div by 60 = 6.67 cals per min..... so 20 mins (1 workout) = 133 cals burned. DEFINATELY going to have to suplement some running, walking or taebo as well to reach my 2000 cals per week burned. :)

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