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Self-acceptance -- progress report # 1

Friday, July 13, 2012

Accepting yourself is a major shift in thinking! Here are some changes that I am experiencing:
1) I realized that so much of my motivation/goals came from "fixing" myself or "proving" myself! It is almost like starting over with my sense of direction and purpose. At first I felt lost. aimless and a little depressed. Now, I am starting to waken to the notion that this is a great opportunity. I am working on some goals that are appropriate for me.
SparkPeople is big on goals, so I just might have to try that!

2) I feel calmer and more clear-headed. I never expected that. I don't take family members behavior personally. I am more accepting of others. I am more appreciative of the good and less critical. But I find myself more definite about steering clear of what I call toxic people and avoiding social situations that seem like a waste of time. It is easier for me to sort things out and make decisions. I find that I am also calmer about eating. I don't seem to be as hungry.

3) Regarding my appearance and trying to fix what I could and let go of the rest---
Had eyes checked with no significant prescription change. Contacts won't work with my Rx.
Tried on frames and decided the ones I had looked best anyway. Done with that.

Trying the Neutrogena Anti-aging products and Neutrogena dermabrasion device.
These products get two thumbs up! I will continue with these and report again.

Crest whitening toothpaste seems to be doing well and are part of my routine.

Made a decision to let go of trying to grow fingernails. Will groom them and use clear and get over it. Decided I will show off my feet. Decided I have beautiful feet!

Regarding hair....kept trying to figure out why it wouldn't grow. It finally dawned on me
(duh) that I wouldn't have two inches of darker roots from highlights growing out if it wasn't growing!
Rate of growth is about 1/2 inch in 4 months and that is normal. Realized that if it wasn't getting longer, it must be breaking off! Well gosh, it did seem pretty dry, brittle, and sun-damaged. Did a little reading about hair products. I bought and used a restructuring conditioner by L'Oreal, big green tube, sulfate free, $5.97. Wow..that stuff is amazing. Highly recommend that. Hair looks 10 years younger. Am going to stay away from hair salons and take care of it myself. Will report

4) Regarding health/fitness... Maintaining 5 lb. weight loss. Actually, I think I lost an additional 1.5 pounds.
Feel like I am gaining muscle. Arms, shoulders, and chest look like they have muscles.
I think getting tan helps here (I'm a boater, don't purposely tan).
Did notice that waist went up slightly. Hmmm......at first this kind of threw me off.
Did a little research and think it's possible that all the crunches may have been building muscle around waist. As an experiment I am going to stop crunches and start an isometric exercise called the "Vacuum."
I am loving the strength training. FOR ME, best to work body parts 2X week (not 3).
I think it lowers blood pressure. Mine has gone down to 103/69.
I had gotten away from line dancing for a couple weeks, but went yesterday to the class that I teach and was reinvigorated about it.

My body image is definitely improving. I can actually look in the mirror and see some things I like.

5) Re aging in general......this is kind of hard for me. I feel as good as I did when I was MUCH younger.
I read an expert article today and he said saying something like......"40 may be the new 30, but 60 is not the new 25." There is truth to that and I need to consider that when I make goals. Best not to overdo.
I am very grateful for my health. I do have a little trouble finding my niche and figuring out goals. I am very grateful that I am not your "average" senior, but sometimes feel like I am in uncharted territory without a compass. I'm working on this. See # 1

6) Regarding eating... continuing with eating lots of fruit and veggies, lots of fluids,
high quality protein. Still into shakes with frozen fruit and either Slim Fast or whey powder.
Seem to be satisfied with smaller quantities. Avoiding fried foods, nuts, crunchy snack food, sugary anything, white flour products.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog. I woke up in middle of night to go bathroom, and there was a "voice" sorta thought thingie that said "countenance counts". I realized I had let myself go, my house,
    my projects, It not only effected me in a negative way, but surely whoever was in my presence or house. I started doing something about it. I appreciate everythin you said.
    I like the part about your hair, as a retired hairdresser I can tell you natural is better.
    Also, if you want it really long, the more it grows, the more it will grow.
    Thanks for sharing.
    2048 days ago
    You amaze me all the time! You are that fine wine that ages perfectly with time. And, we all know how delicious older wine taste...yum!

    I love your goals but more so the realizations that you are having. You are truly embracing the things you can and cannot change! That my emoticon is what will make you be who YOU are desiring to be!!!

    You're gonna wake up and not know who you are one day...lol emoticon emoticon
    2048 days ago
    You have the most helpful tips. I want to more detail on the vacuum exercise. I need to fit that in with my daily exercise. My stomach is my most needed area.

    Thanks for everything.
    2048 days ago
    2048 days ago
  • KAYLA0041
    love the post - awesome that you are setting realistic goals.
    2049 days ago
    I an SO glad that you crossed my path.... because you are AWESOME!!!!! This blog is fabulous... I'd like to drag everyone in SparkLand over here to read it! I second what Elizabeth has said below.

    I hear you on the aging thing... I think of my grandmother every morning... we were chatting once when I was 30ish and she was 80ish... she said to me, "Ramona, I just don't feel old! Every morning when I look in the mirror I am startled because I don't know who that old woman is looking back at me."

    I feel a lot younger than I am, and I know I look younger. If I completely coloured my hair (I just do low-lights because I actually like the grey and I can't stand the maintenance of dark/grey roots... I earned every one, LOL) most people would think I was 30ish rather than 50ish... as it is most think I am younger than my husband who is 11 years younger than I am! Having an 8-year-old daughter helps perpetuate the illusion, LOL!

    I'd like to offer some products for your 'maximize what I got' experiments, if I may (for whatever it may be worth to you)...

    For your teeth: just google 'oil pulling'... I haven't used a tooth brush or dental floss in 5 months now, yet my teeth/gums have never looked better... all the staining is gone, my teeth are whiter, my gums are pink and the significant recession I had is almost completely reversed (four more teeth to go, and approximately only a millimeter on each). There have also been some health benefits!

    For your hair: Morrocan Oil... it's a salon product and a bit pricey, but I use on my and my daughter's hair, and a 100 ml bottle lasts us 6 months... just work it into wet hair and style as usual. My hair was breaking horribly and falling out rapidly. It's all stopped and reversed(though diet has had a lot to do with it... Paleo has saved my life), and my hair is strong and oh so shiny again.

    For your skin: as cliche as it sounds, the Olay Regenerist line... any and all products, though my favourite is the hydra firming cream... I can't believe how my skin has tightened up... especially my 'jowels', eyelids and neck. For your body: Palmer's Firming Butter (with cocoa butter)... I didn't think stuff like this could really work, but it DOES... and not only for me (thighs and upper arms)... my DH has had a substantial gut, and has really bad stretch marks and skin issues that are slowly getting better, though the difference was immediately noticeable. And, while the rest of me looks younger than I am, my hands looked twice as old until I started using 'Freeman Bare Hands Brand hand renewal brightening balm with white tea and licorice'. ALL my age spots went away and the fine lines are improving!!!

    ...And Paleo can't be beat for the skin... neither can supplementing vitamin D, magnesium, and fish oil... oh and soaks in epsom salts! Within a week of adding in the magnesium and epsom salts, my elbows, knees and feet were soft and smooth... it was my husband who noticed, LOL!

    I look forward to hearing about your continued journey! Blessings!
    2049 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/13/2012 2:58:34 PM
    I love this post - it's so great that you are revisiting your goals and making sure they're in line with what you really want and not with some malarky that wormed it way into your heart from external expectations...I've been guilty of that too, even when I would have sworn I wasn't. It sounds like you're on your way to being the very best you that you can be, which seems like the best goal of all!
    2050 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    2050 days ago
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