I'm melting!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok, so maybe saying "I'm melting" is a bit dramatic...when I think about those words I can see the wicked witch of the west after Dorothy dumped water on her. I'm definitely not smoking or turning into green mist, but I am shrinking! In a GOOD way!

I had bought a new swimsuit in May, which was a size smaller than I had worn last year (my old swimsuit looked more like a dress when I put it on this season). I knew the suit was getting looser and looser, but if I swam carefully it would at least stay on... Until today that is.

I was happily gliding through the water, just enjoying the coolness. I could feel the suit tugging a bit low, but I was under the water, so I figured I was safe. Then my kids all decided to start a splash war...I joined in and we had a blast! Once everyone was tuckered out from all the splashing and the water smoothed out, I heard my daughter snickering. I looked at her quizzically, but by then she was laughing so hard she couldn't answer!

Finally she calmed enough to speak, so I asked her what was so funny. She replied, "What's up with your suit?"

I looked down and saw that my suit was a tangled up and definitely not where it was made to be. (No. Nothing important was showing. Thank goodness) I spent the rest of the day very self conscious about the suit, but it was so worth the embarrassment, because when I got home, I was able to take the suit in about 4 inches!

Therefore, I may not be "melting" but it feels great to be slimming down!

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