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Influential blogs and some thoughts on them

Thursday, July 12, 2012

As I said in my status, for whatever reason today all three of the Featured Member Blogs produced quite a reaction for me. I'm linking them all here so I can remember them and why they impacted me so much.

NOTE: I don't actually receive them as emails. I daily go to them for the three points I can get easily. If you also don't check emails, you can do this by going to Account / Email Preferences, the Email tab, and look for the links that say "View today's".

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What is Sexy?

** I had replied yesterday, but have continued to think about something I briefly mentioned in the reply that I don't often say much about. I've been writing it out and remembered some things I didn't before as well as connected a couple of things. (I started to write more here, but it is getting way too long - so it might be a later blog. Not sure how much to put, still figuring out whether things are connected or not. Yikes.)

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8th Anniversary of July 11, 2004... May be graphic for some..

** I was in tears at the point she spoke of the post-accident recovery and how she and her mother were there for each other so fully. I'm in awe of her from that one blog. In addition, the fact that it is only now, just over 8 years later, that she has crossed another boundary and worn shorts is a fantastic reminder that this journey is life, not just "until I weigh ###" or "until I look like ___". It is about constantly growing, constantly stretching, constantly working to open our world further.

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Looking Beyond The Scale

**This one is a message I often try to convey to others. However, right toward the end he mentioned one of his non-scale victories that just stopped me short: == When wife told me - "Hey, you no longer stop breathing at night. I'm not afraid you'll just die while we sleep." ==

I am definitely guilty of convincing myself I was healthy for an obese person. My father was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes around 10 or so years ago, told me because it would be a risk factor for me, and my reaction was ... I can't possibly be diabetic given how much sugar I eat without having blood sugar issues. I researched. I knew just how stealthily it could cause damage - to the point that some people don't know until they're going blind or losing a leg or have irreperable nerve damage. But I was simply convinced I didn't have that issue.

Seriously ... I was relieved when my vision exam included something to check for diabetic damage and came back clean. Not like that was proof that I don't have diabetes or pre-diabetes. I've been working on dental stuff and putting medical stuff off until November to make decisions (that's when open enrollment is and I'll be deciding whether to do so or not). I want to smack myself silly. I know all this, I write this, and I'm not even thinking about setting up an appointment yet. GAH!
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