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Life gets in the way.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

161. Thatís the number my scale gave me this morning. 161 lbs. I havenít seen that number in over two years.

In spring 2010, I reached 143 lbs. My original goal from spring 2009 was to reach 150 from a starting weight of 182. Since 2010, between stress and unanticipated health problems (ending an engagement but staying with my ex another year, ending that relationship in June 2011, starting a new job and moving, suffering chronic tension headaches for six months and unable to ST or runÖ), my weight creeped up to around 155 lbs by the beginning of this year. Since then, while I lost a few lbs every now and then, Iíve gained to the point that I now see 161 lbs on the scale.

161 lbs.

18 lbs up from the best shape of my life.

I never meant to see that weight again.

ÖWhat happened?

emoticonI met an amazing guy. We started spending A LOT of time together Ė weíre apart maybe 1-2 nights a week. Iím still exercising quite a bit, but my eating? WOAH. Weíre out for dinner 2-3 times a week. Because Iím not home making dinner, I donít have a lunch to bring in the next morning, and Iím therefore buying lunch.

emoticonThis job involves a lot of travel. Far more than the ďlimitedĒ that was described in the profile. Iím traveling in 3-5 day blocks every four weeks or soÖoften with a set menu that isnít healthy, and no access to (or time to access) fitness facilities.

emoticonThis job is more time intensive than the last, and Iím pretty wiped when I get home. Poor excuse, and Iím generally not letting it get in the way of my exercise, but it does mean that I donít have the motivation I used to for cooking a nice healthy dinnerÖ.or sometimes even buying groceries. I tried to restart meal planning, but when I randomly end up meeting the man for dinner one night, Iím thrown off my plan, and I lose motivation to stick to it.

emoticonIím not working out on weekends anymore. I can spend an entire weekend just enjoying life with the man, and I donít want to leave him to go to the gym. Iíd rather curl up on the couch and watch another episode of The Wire with himÖand then, of course, pick up dinner.

emoticonIím playing softball again. Great for socializing, and Iím playing my best season yet, but we go out after every game for drinks and ďteam foodĒ Ė nachos, fries, sweet potato friesÖ.all that fried goodness that shouldnít be enjoyed every. single. week. I have not managed to lose weight any summer I play softball. Normally I see a gain during this time, especially since softball replaces zumba (and this year boxing, too, since I was doubling up on Mondays), which is a more intense workout for me (and doesnít get followed with pub food and long island iced teas!).

emoticon Iíve slipped up and started drinking a LOT of soda. Diet soda, but a bad habit, still. Iíve also had an appetite increase, and while Iím still practicing some good habits, like drinking 8-16 glasses of water each day and having a smoothie for breakfast some mornings, and Iíve added habits like eating healthy snacksÖinstead of letting those habits replace bad habits, Iím adding bad habits to them. So where before Iíd have a smoothie for breakfast, plus lunch and dinner, now Iím often having a smoothie plus a bagel (sometimes), a morning snack of fruit, the same sized lunch (or bigger) as always, a snack in the afternoon, and the same sized dinner as always, plus a post-workout snack.


No wonder Iíve gained weight.

I can beat myself up and self-soothe with food, or I can fix it.

ÖI choose option B.

This weekend Iím on my own during the day. The manís got a major paper due on Tuesday that heís got to work on. Iím going to use that time wisely.

emoticon Iím going to get a workout in both days. Both will involve strength training and cardio.

emoticonIím going to meal plan for next week. Lunches like big spinach salads that donít require leftovers. Dinners with fresh veggies that Iíll buy at the farmerís market on Saturday, and meat. I havenít cooked meat in foreverÖWTF?

emoticon Iím going to buy lots of lemons and cucumber, and throw those in my water every single day. Iím going to stop buying soda.

emoticon Iím going to take before picturesÖ.something I didnít think Iíd need to do again.

Iím recommitting.

emoticon Goal #1: reach 150 lbs by September 30. emoticon
With Italy at the end of August, that means I can slip up on holidays and still recover by goal time.

emoticon Goal #2: reach 145 lbs by December 31. emoticon
Iím good with 145. 140 was hard to maintain, not going to lieÖand I still want to be able to enjoy myself on occasion (occasion being the KEY WORD, Mags.).

Enough promising myself Iíll change my habits when thereís no temptation around, and then forgetting my promises as soon as temptation shows up.

Enough buying lunches (and breakfasts) because I havenít done groceries or got leftovers.

Enough convenience foods.

Enough excuses.

Time for action.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CARLY-81
    You've got this Mags!! You go girl! :) emoticon
    1555 days ago
    I'm so glad you're happy and having so much fun these days! It's so nice to see.

    I know you can do this weight loss thingy ... and you know you can too cuz you've done it before. I'm rooting for you!
    1563 days ago
    Way to go, girl! If anyone can do it, it's you! How about getting the man involved in the meal planning, leaving our 1 night of the week for eating out? You can batch cook the meats or prep the foods on Sunday-along with your yummy sounding lunches, to make it easier to throw food together later on. (cut up all your veg and bag them together, depending on the meal-strifry anyone??)

    and go kick some ass this weekend! We're down to 8 days. OMG! and here I am eating smores! *putting the away now and getting out my pilates*
    1565 days ago
    Great plan! Hooray for knowing your weaknesses! Good luck to you!
    1566 days ago
    Great plan!!!! Now it's all in the execution - so get out there and make it happen, girlie!! Good job!
    1566 days ago
    Great plan Mags! You have identified how you got to where you are, and you know what you need to do to get back to where you want to be. You can do this!
    1566 days ago
    You and I are just about in the exact same place. When I got on that scale as saw 162, I just about cried. Sooo frustrating but yep, with a new man, and wanting to stay in on the weekends with him, and then go out for dinner a few nights a week... it's soooo easy to add on some pounds. I have the exact same problem!

    And it's even more infuriating that he hasn't gained any weight at all because he gets off of work earlier than me and therefore workouts all the time! Men.

    Losing weight was so much easier when I was single and/or unhappy. Gaining weight when you are happy is almost inevitable.

    We can do this though.
    1566 days ago
    Yay for a great plan of action! Question - would the man be at all interested in working out with you? Hubs and I used to have a lot of fun at the gym working out together. It turned into a bit of friendly competition (after training so long and becoming so strong, there were many times I could lift more weight than him...which hurt his little male ego just a smidge *lol*). Keep on the path and keep the focus! You GOT this!
    1566 days ago
  • EVLOBOS310
    It's great to see that you have found your weak spots and have a plan in place to fix them! You are doing great! emoticon emoticon
    1566 days ago
  • MEMEME75
    Congrats on your accomplishments!
    1566 days ago
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