Why can't I stay on the wagon??

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is really bugging me lately!!!
I want to get healthy and I want to feel good about my body but I don't seem to want it enough to climb on the wagon. I get frustrated but why..I don't really get on the wagon and at the first sign of this entire new lifestyle being an inconvenience, I jump off and we're talking jumping off cannon ball style into a vat of buffalo chicken dip! I can blame it on the being busy being a new mom, I can blame it on the fact that my husband's work schedule is so unpredictable that I never know how, I can blame it on this and that and this and that but ultimately, I am at fault.
I tried out that new gym that I posted about last and while I really liked the gym, it turned out that didn't work out for me because by the time I got to the gym, I had exactly 15 minutes to do something and then I had to leave to pick my son up at daycare.
WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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    Oh so many of us have had these feelings...I think the cause is multi faceted...for me, I need to frequently go back in my thoughts to why I'm "really" doing this....my wt and appearance are the goals that lose out when I am faced with something good to eat or drink or excuses not to exercise...I have to get back to the bigger goal of wanting to have the health and energy to live a long and healthy life. And in order to do that, I always have to get back to basics...weighing and measuring my food, and pushing myself out the door for a run...this journey we're on is hard...but it is worthwhile...so we will continue to work at it till we get it right! Like the rest of our lives!! LOL
    2048 days ago
    This is a hard one that I've blogged about before. We all have that long term goal (or we wouldn't be on Spark!) but that goal dissolves in the distance when a short term desire (Reeses) comes into focus right NOW.
    2050 days ago
    Maybe you're just not ready yet. I lived at a weight over 300 lbs for about 15 years before I wanted badly enough to get it off and actually do the work.

    That's OK. We have to do what we can in our own time.

    There is very little anyone can do to stop someone from doing what they really want. And there is very little anyone can do to make someone do something they don't really want.

    How badly do you want this?

    2050 days ago
    Lack of meaningful and/or tangible goals. "To lose weight" or "to get in shape" are byproducts of real goals.
    2050 days ago
    You know, I've hit this EXACT same point. Many times. I wish I had some good advice, other than "Stick with it!" but the truth is, sometimes you just have to hit THAT point where you're sick and tired of feeling the way you do and it just clicks. In this case, maybe the best one is "Fake it 'till you make it," lol. Are you tracking your food? Even when it's filled with bad choices, seeing those cold, hard numbers can be enough to shake you into reality. Or start with focusing on ONE goal - just one. Maybe it's to get all of your water, or do 10 minutes of exercise - ANY exercise counts! - a day. Something small that you can get really good at, then add another goal, and another, until you're really focused?

    Good luck - I know how hard this road is and how hard it is to WANT it but not really be 100% motivated to make it happen. When it clicks, though, you'll be proud of yourself for sticking with it through the rough patches!
    2050 days ago
    Slow and steady wins every time!
    2050 days ago
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