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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well - after losing almost 50 pounds this year - almost 5 sizes, I still have people say, "You've lost weight? Really?" One lady said to me yesterday "your face looks so much thinner" - my face??? Really? My butt is completely flat; my stomach is more than 1/2 of it's former size; my hips, waist & bust are down 6-8 inches each! Oh my goodness - my face looks thinner??? LOL!

My point? I wonder how often we go through our days totally unobservant of people...every part of their person. I know these comments weren't meant to hurt me or upset me, but truly shows how little attention we pay to those around us. I do hope this is a lesson learned for me by all attention to people - they matter!

Now, to be totally fair -when my status post from SP showed up on Facebook yesterday about my losing weight & being 10 pounds thinner now than the picture I'm using here & on FB I got several comments back from people saying they had noticed, but had been hesitant to say anything because they didn't want me to think they had thought I was ever fat or unattractive. How very sweet. One lady had said that she was concerned I was sick - but glad to know I'm just getting healthy!

Here's my thought for the day - pay attention to people around you - they (we) matter!

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  • JIBBIE49
    I always tell my children that other people are JEALOUS and they want you to fail, so that THEY feel better about what they haven't accomplished. Someone seeing that you have managed to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, really is thinking that they are going to tell you when you regain it, "Well, we knew that." Just do this for YOU and don't worry about them. You have accomplished something that was REALLY difficult.
    1925 days ago
    Thanks all - I appreciate your comments! I am doing this for me for sure, but was just shocked by the realization that some are noticing, some not so much. Oh well, I feel great & know what's happening with my body!!!
    1925 days ago
    You're right - so many people don't want to ask or comment because you may be ill, or may leave the impression they thought you were fat "before". I know I've said things like "You're really looking healthy" if I'm fairly certain it is intended weight lossand not health-related. With people you know casually it can be tricky, as everyone is different!
    1925 days ago
    emoticon on your weight loss. That is so emoticon
    1925 days ago
    Good advice. But remember, it's hard to notice people losing weight if you see them everyday. It's more noticeable if it's been a while since you've seen them.
    1926 days ago
    There was an episode in "The Office" in which half of the office thought Stanley had a mustache and the other half thought that he didn't. When Stanley showed up for work, sure enough he sported a mustache.
    1926 days ago
    Congrats on your weight loss...that's a great achievement. I've experienced also that people don't really say anything. Most of the comments I've received have been about my haircut which hasn't been much different over the past year.
    Well, you know you're looking different and feeling much better so that's what really matters! emoticon
    1926 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    I am glad that you didn't take it personally. I think that mentioning peoples weight loss can be a minefield!! I personally don't like too many comments about it because I tend to feel - 'did they think I was huge before'!! So people think differently and may not mention it in order not to hurt someone's feelings. It can also be because they feel they can't do it themselves.

    Well done on the weight loss.
    1926 days ago
    I think communication is a problem anymore. Lot of times we notice people and changes but don't take time to let them know. Really don't understand the face comment if they should have noticed a big weight drop. The main thing is YOU know and You know how much better you feel physically . emoticon
    1926 days ago
    Over the years I have come to the realization that most people really don't pay that much attention to those around them. Some famous person (but I can't recall who) said that if you really wonder what others think of you, you'd be surprised at how seldom the think of you at all.

    I think it is wonderful that you are really doing so well. You are doing it for YOU aren't you? You feel better, look better, and are probably healthier for the effort. Don't let them get you down. Many people notice and never say anything, others just don't notice, and still others may be jealous of your success.
    1926 days ago
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