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"For the Body I want"- Red Hot Heartbreakers Challenge

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's interesting because I had planned on writing this yesterday, but I was so tired and so defeated, that I just didn't do it. Since it's my girly time, and I vegged all day and most of the weekend, I just didn't know how to get back on track. So what do I do, I open up my spark email and I find Nixxie's Blog for the "For the Body I Want", so after reading her inspirational words, I started digging through old photos,and I realized, that I had come to far to let a bad day mess up my whole week. I immediately started trolling' the internet looking for inspiration, and I found it!

This is me during my 35th Birthday Party in 2010 and me NOW 65 lbs lighter on July 6th 2012

I actually posted this comparison picture on facebook after the DG's last challenge .I began my journey on March 2010, after going on vacation and realizing that I had once again hit my top weight;this high (or low I should say) really scared me straight. I knew that I had to do SOMETHING and quick! I decided that I would make small changes and see what happens. I stopped drinking soda's and slowed down on the sugary treats. I immediately started dropping the weight, and I slowly added exercise, changed my portion sizes, and added more fruits and veggies. I managed to lose 75 lbs over the coarse of a year, and for he first time in my LIFE I felt like I was in control of my own body. By no means have I had the perfect journey;I have gone up down, and all around with my new lifestyle, but I have not ever totally given up! I rocked my weight loss last summer even after losing my job, and then embarked on a completely different journey of going to college to get my Degree. We have all heard of Freshman 15, but I really thought that I had it down, and that I would not fall, but I did. Not only did I gain Freshman 15 but I added three more pounds to that! Needless to say that my Summer goal is to get back to where I was so that I can move on and finish the journey that I started! I hate that I gained so much weight, but I have managed to get off 6 lbs and 5 inches for the first month, so I'm pleased with this progress, and I'm ready to move forward.
I know that my loss had not been fast, but I'm glad it's not because it took a lifetime to put this weight on, and it will take time to get it off. Once it's off, that's it. I won't GO BACK!

Slow and steady WINS the race!!

I also have some body inspirations, some of which I've always had, and others that I found. I want curves, I have never expected to be thin, and I still don't expect it. I just want to be healthy and have some curves.

I'm old school in my body style, but Mae West and Marilyn Monroe are truly my two favorites!

I think she is just so classy, although she was the "bad girl" of her day, a lady comedian with class is just my style!

No one can deny that the immortal Marilyn Monroe isn't one of the sexiest, most beautiful women of all time!

I think that this lady has some amazing curves as well!

Yes, curves are beautiful, and I think that a little meat is much sexier than ribs showing.

I think she is just gorgeous!

Yeah, I'd be OK with this figure! :)

Although I love curves, I certainly love muscle, and power! Shiva Rea is one of my inspirations because the way she moves in her Yoga poses, is the most beautiful, elegant, and feminine movements that I 've ever seen.


I love her prayer beads, and of course the BIG cats in the background are AWESOME too!

Now moving on along...... I need a little food PRON to get this thing going! Tell me this just doesn't look awesome! Eat healthy to be Healthy!


Eat to Live not live to Eat!

When I want something sweet!

I like this because one of the things that I am trying to do is drink more herbal tea.

I like to look at these comparisons, to visualize myself.

Eat for you!

Oh to look this good in a slinky black dress.

This is a virtual model that displays my current weight and my overall weight loss goal.

I will eat for the body that I want!

And what is a blog without my favorite Hero's?

She-Ra - Princess of Power- Nuff Said

What a hot bod! Another warrior princess Xena

I love this chick!

Now, without further adieu'

Here are my measurements and my goals for this challenge.

Current Measurements:

Chest ~ 46
Waist ~ 41
Hips ~ 45.5
Thigh ~ 21
Upper arm ~ 14
Lower arm ~ 8
Neck ~ 15
Calf ~ 17

Red Hot Heart Breakers Challenge
Start weight ~ 242
One Voice (7/25) ~ 240
Relaxation (8/15) ~ 235
Labor Day (9/3) ~ 230
World Heart (9/29) ~225- high school weight :)
Total loss aim ~ 17
These are my most recent pics taken over the summer thus far, there isn't a huge change just yet, but YET is the key word here!

I have had to revamp these goals, and I REALLY want to make this, and by golly I WILL! THIS GIRL IS DONE!

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