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Monday, July 09, 2012

First off: apology! I've been so busy and panicky that I've been pretty much MIA for the last couple of weeks -- thanks so much to all my SparkFriends! I've missed you all, and I'm looking forward to catching up with you!!

Second: CONFESSION! Even though I know it's not accurate, I feel like I've been bad the last month and a half. Lots of driving, extra hours, stifling heat, etc....all leading up to me eating out almost every day and half-a$$ing my workouts.

As I was coming up on vacation, I knew that I was not starting where I was at my last weigh-in. I had gained weight, and my clothes were tighter. So on June 23 I restarted all trackers and weight goals based on where I was that 164. Same place I was on New Year's Eve. And the fact that I had backslid so much sent me on a weekend eating craze that just made it all worse!

But last week, while on vacation, I started to get back to healthy habits. Since I was watching the cats for my roommate & I (she was in Seattle) and the dogs for my parents (they were in D.C.), I got lots of exercise running back and forth and walking the dogs, but I didn't eat that well. I started strength training, and focused on just doing 10 minutes...and once I'd gone 10 minutes, might as well go another 5...

Saturday I really kicked it into high gear. I ended up skipping strength training because I TOTALLY ROCKED the kayaking. I changed my trip at the last minute, so instead of doing 6 miles I paddled 9 -- in 2 1/2 hours!! Man, were my arms sore the next day, but it was so worth it!!

I won't lie...I had just had coffee for breakfast, and by the time I finished paddling and got back to my car it was 1:30, so I went to Taco Bell for lunch. But I skipped the nachos, so I could have done worse! And then I fell asleep the second I got out of the shower and woke up STARVING at 8:00, with an empty refrigerator, so I ordered Chinese for dinner.

But once I finished eating, I said NO MORE!! You'll never get away from this cycle if you don't have healthy food in the fridge and a plan of action for when a food craving strikes!!

So I finally went to the grocery store and made myself buy just healthy foods. I got Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna and salmon, and everything else was just fruits and veggies! I still have a pantry full of dried and canned beans, rice and there is no temptation in my apartment anymore!

I also managed to deep clean my apartment AND my parents house during vacation...steam cleaned the carpets, did the baseboards and windows, mopped all the floors, so I just feel like I accomplished a lot and can actually relax! Something about a messy house is just stressful to me, so mentally I'm in a much better place!

Weighed in at 161.5 this morning (down a full 2.5 pounds!!) and had greek yogurt and strawberries for breakfast, packed a salad, salmon, and carrot sticks for lunch, and brought a bag with workout clothes and running shoes to make sure I get in some exercise before I go home today! Starting off on the right foot, for the first time in months!!

DEEP BREATH...keep the momentum going and focus on how great you feel when you take care of yourself...DON'T STOP SPARKIN' THIS TIME!!
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