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Monday, July 09, 2012


emoticonMy starting weight is [235].

emoticonI'm going to make July and the rest of summer great by [being as active as possible, building up my running mileage, eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, finishing my articles, and enjoying these next two months on the beach with my daughter before she starts daycare].

emoticonMy weight loss goal for the summer is [to lose at least 15 lbs by my half marathon on 9/30. I feel like I should be able to lose 6-7 lbs a month at the weight I'm at, though sometimes my body has other ideas.]

emoticonMy fitness goals for the summer are [3-4 days of running (one short run, one long run and 1-2 interval walk-runs) to get ready for my half marathon on 9/30. I want to commit to 2 days of strength training along with a mandatory rest day.]

emoticonMy nutrition goals for the summer are [to track my food, eat "clean" snacks such as nuts, veggies and fruit, stay within my calorie range. I'm going to drink water whenever I feel like mindlessly eating or have cravings for salt and sweets. And if I still need something to eat, I will try to eat healthfully and slowly before reaching for chips or chocolate.]

emoticonI often go off-track when [others around me are drinking beer/wine or eating chips and "bad" stuff and when I have guests/visitors.]

emoticonI am going to remain accountable this summer by [checking in with friends on SP and Facebook and text message, tracking my food every day, committing to at least walking on those days I don't feel like exercising, and continuing with this challenge until 9/9.]

emoticonWill you be tracking this summer? If so, what are your daily calorie goals and weekly fitness minute goals? [Yes, I will be tracking this summer. My range right now is 1400-1650 calories per day with 300 fitness minutes per week.]

emoticonSign here: I, [KARVY09/Kristina], pledge to eat wisely and slowly and avoid binging this summer whenever possible. I vow to drink my water and to turn to clean food for snacks as a first resort (fruit, nuts, veggies) but not feel horrible about myself when I eat too many "bad" foods, because it is not the end of the world. Whenever I don't feel like exercising, I will at the very least commit to a brisk walk.



emoticonThe first week of a challenge is always exciting, but I am going to commit to checking in every week until 9/9.

emoticonI need a challenge because I have a half marathon on 9/30 and I want to lose weight and stick to a training plan before then.

emoticonBy the end of this week, I want to feel healthier, lighter, and more energetic.

emoticonMy big nutrition goal for this week is going to be tracking every day and no alcohol until the weekend.

emoticonMy big fitness goal for the week is going to be completing all my training runs.

emoticonMy big wellness goal for the week is going to be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day. (The baby sleeps, and so should I!)

emoticonMy biggest challenge in meeting these goals will be fatigue and laziness keeping me from running, general stress from family and work, letting others get me off-track with my food choices.

emoticonIf I meet all my goals this week, I'm going to reward myself with a pedicure.

emoticonIf I don't meet my goals, I'm NOT going to get discouraged and quit. I will count every step forward as progress toward the end game.
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