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My accomplishments for 7-7-2012.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yesterday I wanted to eat everything and everyone! I did NOT though so YAY!!!! emoticon

I also want acknowledge that I REALLY and I mean REALLY dislike weekends. It is full of 2 days (Sat & Sun) of complete BOREDOM and NOTHING to do except watch tv (blah) so it makes it sooooo hard to be "good" when all I want to do is go out and eat somewhere.

I start ST'ing again tomorrow. I also have a 5 mile run tomorrow. Today I need to get on treadmill for 30 mins and do Jillian Michaels iFit week 2 day 1.

Today was weigh in and I am down 4 lbs.

My Measurements:
Weight: 166 (-4)
Hip: 41" (same)
Waist: 37" (same)
R Thigh: 23" (-.5)
R Arm: 11" (same)
R Calf: 14" (-.5)
Neck: 13" (same)
Body Fat %: 31.8 (only take it 1rst of month)- this is from June forgot to take it July oops
BMI: 31.4 (-.2) accomplishments for yesterday were:

emoticon Ran 11 miles.
emoticon Answered day 2/30 of 30 things about me.
emoticon Blogged.
emoticon Read days worth of SP statuses/blogs.
emoticon Drank 19 8-oz cups of water.
emoticon Stayed in calorie range.
emoticon Got sticker for the day.

Now for today's Q&A.....

Day 3/20: Describe your relationship with your parents.

Oh geez. Really? Ok....I'll sum it up because anything/everything having to do with my parents is only dysfunction.

My father: I still talk to him every now and then. Though I can not stand him. I love him to death and am the only one who still talks to him. I call HIM to check on him. I have forgiven him for all the emotional, mental, and physical abuse. As well as molesting me. He has and will never change and will tell you himself that he is GOD. When he should have been there for me/cared all he did was blame me for his brother raping me for 7 years STRAIGHT. He did not raise me and I could say soooo much more, but it only sums up to..I love my "sperm donor" because I love myself and he helped create me. In the end I know I did everything/anything that I should and stuck by him. I am NOT who he is. :)

My mother: She is everything my father is because she sat by and watched it all happen, and when I asked for help she turned her back. Even today she does not want to acknowledge anything. She only looked out for herself. She is EVERYTHING a mother should NOT be. She is EVERYTHING I will NEVER be. Once again I love her because I love myself and she created me. I know I have done everything/anything I should with her as well.

I love my parents that is why I have unconditional love. If ever needed I am the one who will be by their side and have been so many times. They did their "best" in their books. In my books they taught me what I do not want to be. emoticon

That's all folks!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Are your weekends that way because it feels funny to work out in front of hubby/kids? It is me. LOL

    As for the parents, I feel and hear you. My parents are the opposite. My mother was not so nice (not quite as bad as what you endured, I'm so sorry about that!!) but yes, she was physically and emotionally cruel and my father watched.

    I have learned over the years, like you, that it is up to ME to make a better life formyself and my children. It would be so easy for us to say "I can't do anything because of ....." but you know what? WE are strong!!!

    And you are right...they did do the "best" in their book. Like alcohol, cruelty is a mental diseases which includes denials....

    Just know I am proud of you and your inner strength. You will raise some very strong, self respectable young men because of the love you can share.

    Great job! Now, ......about those weekends...LOL
    2018 days ago
    Awesome accomplishments! emoticon
    2018 days ago
    You're so awesome! Great day! Great week! Great weight loss! What can I say, you're great!

    Love your love for your parents. Wish I could be as forgiving. Says a lot about just how strong you really are.

    Keep on keeping on.
    2019 days ago
    Great week!!!!

    2019 days ago
    emoticon on losing four pounds. That is GREAT.
    2019 days ago
    Some days are just HUNGRY days...I don't understand it.
    Yay for down in pounds and inches!!

    2019 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    I am with you about the weekend thing....although I make an extra effort to keep moving (even while watching TV!) My weakness is food, sometimes I think I am hungry but I am actually bored. I have taken to drinking a glass of water and then another in hopes of satisfying my hunger, most of the time this works!

    You are an amazingly strong and resilient woman! It is so sad that sometimes we suffer pain when we are young but using that pain to build strength is the perfect response! You rock!

    2019 days ago
    I have just the opposite problem - I hate the week because I get bored and don't have as much time to do stuff.

    Weekends are great - go for a bike ride. Walk. Go swimming. Go for a hike. Dance. Go rollerblading. garden.

    There is so much to do other than watch tv!
    2019 days ago
    Your inner strength amazes me - quite inspirational actually!!
    2019 days ago
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