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Rearranged basement (aka workout room). Pictures ;-)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I spent a few hours cleaning my basement (a.k.a home gym) and rearrange all of my workout stuff. It was HARD work, but I was sooo happy with the results. I moved the medicine balls closer to my dumbbells where I workout near the TV. I finally found a "spot" for my step for step aerobics (it was up against a wall on it's side in between the wall and treadmill, quite a pain to get to and it kept falling over since there are 2 risers under it.) Anyways, I wanted to post some pictures here. I showed my husband (and even texted him the pictures before) but he didn't act too impressed or excited. I knew my SP friends would be, though! Haha!

I put this shelf closer to my TV area where I do all of videos (P90X2, etc). It used to be on the other side of the basement, and the only things that were really on it was the foam roller and the medicine balls... I have now arranged it so that my "push up stands" are on top, there is a basket with a couple pairs of weighted hand gloves (for Turbo Kick, etc), ankle weights, and weight lifting gloves; my foam roller, a weighted stick used for Tae Bo Amped in the back; and "the stick" for rolling out sore muscles. On the next shelf are my medicine balls (10, 8, and 6 pounds). On the bottom are my 15 and 10 pound kettlebells, an ab rotator thing that you stand on and twist your upper body to work your obliques, and a basket with all of my resistance tubing.

Here is my husband's punching bag. He wanted it for Father's Day. I think he's used it twice. Ha! My boys enjoy it, though!

I finally found a spot for my steps for step aerobics! This is actually two stacked together. I bought one for $5 at a friend's garage sale, and a lady at church gave me the other one. I can carefully step up on both of them when they're up against the wall, but I mainly keep both in case I have a friend over to workout with me. The Bosu ball didn't really have a "spot" before either, and this was the most out-of-the-way spot I could find. Probably not where I would actually use it, though. When I use it with the DVDs that came with it, I will just move it in front of the TV.

Here are my exercise mats, "Firm Fanny Lifter" that I use for step-ups (it's 2 steps together, you put one on top and it make a platform), and my dumbbells. I have 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 3 pound dumbbells. The 15-30 pounders are ones that I made using the dumbbell bars and the weighted plates. I'd rather have the regular ones because I have to tighten these a little before each use and they're longer than the regular dumbbells, but they work for now!

Here's my DVD collection. I have about 7-10 DVDs loaned out to people from my workout group right now, so those would actually fill the top shelf.

My TV that I use for my DVD workouts. I have my youngest son's CD player that he loaned me for my Turbo Kick class (I really need to buy my own, lol!) that I put under the TV now. It was just sitting in front of the DVD case, so I'd have to move it anytime I needed to get a DVD from the bottom shelf. I think it looks nice next to the DVD player!

Here you can see the bike, treadmill, exercise balls (those don't really have a place, so for now they are on the treadmill), the U of M box has a bunch of attachments for the weight machine, and you can see part of the weight machine here...

Next is the weight machine... We got this at Sam's Club about 5 years ago (I think). It was $400. We saw it the next day (but in white) at Dunhams for $800! It has just about everything that we were using at the gym. The only thing I'm "lacking" from the gym is a Roman Chair, but that's ok for now. I use the Smith Bar to do my pull ups (I rest my feet on the back lower bar of the weight machine and face the wall to do them). The bench has the thing on the end that you can do arm curls or leg curls, so that is a cool option! The weight machine has two 45 pound plates, two 35 pounds, four 10 pounds, two 5 pounds, and two 2.5 pound plates. There are other attachments that can be used. At the bottom of the weight machine (behind the bench, which I move out when I use the weights) has a pully cable that can be used for arms, or you can attach a leg attachment to your ankle to work your legs.

Here's another view of the weight machine... You can see one of Monte's beds next to it. He has a bed in our living room, office and basement. Yes, he is a little spoiled, lol...

So there is a "tour" of my workout room. Thanks for stopping by

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  • FITGAL2010
    Gotta love working out at home vs a local gym or YMCA!.. I can tell that you've put some heart and soul into it, Erin! Great job! My husband would absolutely love it if I were to do something like this (for him) lol. and the punching bag is great. My daughter uses one of those when she works out, and has since she was a teen. I bet your boys do like it.... (It sure beats boxing gloves) ! Thanks for the tour! Lori :)
    2079 days ago
  • DANE02
    Most excellent facility...you gave me some ideas. Thanks for sharing
    2082 days ago
    I love it! So organized and everything easy to access.
    2083 days ago
    Work it! Work it! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2084 days ago
    That is awesome lady I love it! We redid our office/workout room and I like it so much more-I am an at home workout girl too:) I laughed forever about the punching bag as the SAME thing happened in my house! We hope to have an actual gym in our home someday-just like Tony Hortons (maybe even with a view:).
    Have a great weekend lady!
    PS I know organizing is a ton of work but I LOVE it!
    2084 days ago
  • AW1985
    2084 days ago
    wow looks like you've got quite the set up there!
    2084 days ago
    what a great looking gym~!
    2085 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the info about the dumbbells. I've been trying to decide how best to invest in some heavier ones without going broke. I was going to buy some adjustable ones, but now I think I'll just keep looking at garage sales and such.
    2085 days ago
    Wow so jealous of this room. How cool is it you can do all your working out at home. Looks fantastic.
    2085 days ago
    Wow Erin, You are hardcore! I loved the tour, everything looks great. My hubby doesn't get it either especially about why I need so many dvds. I tried to explain it to him that it is kinda like when he goes to the hardware store and sees the new super cool ladder or whatever but he already has one, lol. Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2085 days ago
    Love your home gym! I am very jealous!

    Isn't it a shame when our men don't understand our excitement? I, too, can always count on sparkers to get excited when my boyfriend just looks at me like I'm crazy!
    2085 days ago
    emoticon What a great home gym!!!! LOVE that you moved it all yourself!
    2085 days ago
    I really need to get organized like you! Recently I began referring one of our basement rooms as the game room. Maybe I need to re-purpose that area to the fitness and game room. It has a much nicer ring to it!
    2085 days ago
    Wow this is awesome, this is exactly like walking in one of those gyms where you pay so much, & here it is in your own home. You have everything arranged so well.Now get ready to see some big results. Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2085 days ago
    Wow - very impressive looking!
    2085 days ago
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