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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Well, I caved the other day and bought a FoodSaver. I'm a single gal, you see, and when I cook, halving recipes leads to disaster--I'll inevitably screw up halving something and bugger up the whole recipe. So, I choose instead to just cook the whole thing and save the rest for later. I love to cook. (I hate the cleaning up part, but I love to cook.) Unfortunately, lots of my leftovers get ruined in containers in the freezer...or the container dies altogether when it launches itself out of my top-freezer onto the hard floor. Good times.

A friend has a FoodSaver and SWEARS by it. She batch cooks on Sunday, and then they eat for 2-3 weeks out of the freezer. I would just like to not have wasted food.

Tonight I made this recipe:

It looks like this in my kitchen:

It was REALLY tasty. I put the leftovers in bags, sucked all the air out, and put it in the fridge. Because there is spinach in it, I'm not going to freeze it, but the other things I am going to make in the next day or so will get frozen:


I also made:

Dang good stuff but WOOOOOOOEEEEEE is it sweet. That 1/4 cup per serving is plenty. And really, I didn't eat the whole serving. And I love me some animal crackers so there's a bonus :P

I also caved and joined Weight Watchers. I feel a little like I am cheating on SparkPeople. I figure I'll go the three months and evaluate at the end. So far though I've lost 2 pounds (yes...the same two that keep coming back). The numbers are smaller (points vs. calories and all the other stuff) and that makes it a little easier to think about what I'm eating. I'm not leaving SP at all, just...using it differently.

One of my SP friends is struggling with something that I am as well: friend sabotage. They don't intend to do it. They're not doing it on purpose. But they do it and then get angry when I can't or won't do what THEY want. Let's go to dinner they say...and I'm thinking ok..I can do this. A small salad or half order of something...and then it turns into "let's all get entrees and share!" Ugh. It's either that or they want me to come to their homes and "hang out" which translates to chips, dips, and beers. It's becoming so bad that I just decline altogether.

On Tuesdays, I do a pub run downtown at Jack Quinn's. It used to be a ton of fun and I looked forward to hanging out with my friends. Now it's more of an obligation. I suggested some of the girls at work do it, never intending for it to become something I would have to arrange and organize each week, but that is what it has become. In addition, one of the girls from work does. not. run. Will NOT even wear tennis shoes. She comes in sandals, so then I feel obligated to stay with her, which kills my workout. We also now have FAMILIES from school who have decided to join us, with their children, so we can't have any conversations relating to school.

This week was a huge disaster. My non-runner wants to meet at 5 each week, not earlier, not understanding that meeting earlier allows us to beat the hoards to the beer....and actually have somewhere to sit. She called me over the weekend and she expected me to call/text everyone just to remind them. Ok fine... So I text and get a response back from one gal that she can't meet till 630 and wouldn't we wait (except the whole run is done by then, so no). Another advised that she invited a few other families from school to come with us..with their kids. Now this is a family friendly thing, but guys, I'm on summer break. I don't have kids of my own for a REASON. And I do NOT want to have to deal with anyone's kids during my VACATION.

Then a few other friends who I run with elsewhere wanted to come, but didn't want to stay for beers at Quinn's. So they came at the same time, hoping we could hang out a little while we ran.

Yeah. So I got stuck a) with the non-runner b) surrounded by children and c) not running.

And then the non-runner and families got upset when after the run I decided to go with my OTHER friends for a healthy dinner (berry salad...mmmmmmm...) and a beer in Manitou, in part for the non-fried goodness but also to spread the financial love to a town that is still hurting financially because of the Waldo Canyon Fire evacuations.

I have decided to run before I go just to be on the safe side. The extra hour of walking will just be a bonus.

And, on that note, I decided to start cooking more at home, simply telling my friends that I love them but I am trying to eat healthy. If they want to go out and DO stuff, with a very periodic food-consumption date, then I'm game. One, I'm broke. $20 for dinner and drinks several times a week is money I don't have. Two, I'm trying to get healthy and eating out does not make that easy. Three, it's summer! let's be active!

In other news: Waldo Canyon Fire is 90% contained! There's a tiny bit that they are struggling with because it's really rugged terrain and hard to reach...they used the phrase "goat country." Pretty accurate.

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    Hi! Good for you for looking for ways to eat healthy (foodsaver - sounds like a good investment!)

    Though I'm a mom with kids - I TOTALLY get your wanting your social time to be kid free. It sounds like your pub run has morphed into something you did not intend. VERY FRUSTRATING! Can you back out for a couple weeks (you have a commitment or something) and maybe someone else will take over? Then when some time passes re-organize one back into the way it was intended? Start a facebook page on it with a clear description. I don't know - but that sounds like it really stinks. Kudos to you for trying to keep the peace and make healthy choices in the midst of it all!
    1963 days ago
  • CHEEKY1000
    Hi! It sounds like you have a solid plan. I'm totally with you on the "no kids for a reason." When I'm not working, I don't want to be anywhere near them. lol I just want to be myself and not watch my language, etc. Sorry some of your friends are saboteurs. I don't know why they do that. Are they jealous? I just never know.

    I'm so glad to hear the fire is 90% contained. Woohoo!
    1963 days ago
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