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Revelations & Understanding

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Iím going to ramble a little, so ÖÖÖ.., Iím going to break up this blog post into three parts which Iíll post during the next three days:

Part 1 Ė Background:

Ever since I changed my lifestyle, lost weight, and began my way back to continuous good health, I have been mostly successful with maintaining my good eating habits. I occasionally cheat, but over time (Iíve gotten away from the scale, at least day to day), my diet evens out and Iíve maintained by body weight and good health for more than two years now. When I first met my weight goal, Iíd heard a safety net idea which I put into place. I have a 5 lb. trigger and if/when I ever go 5 pounds over my ideal weight (even if I suspect it might be water weight), I drop back into really good eating habits (with healthy weight loss goals), increase my workouts a little, and in about a week or two, Iím back to ďfighting weight.Ē This plan allows me to deal with potential weight and eating habit problems quickly, without letting them get out of hand. Thankfully, until recently, Iíve only had to use this plan once.

Recently however, I hit my safety net target (and a little over - 6 lbs.). My safety net plan stopped the slide, but in a monthís time, I wasnít able to creep back to my normal weight. TOMARROW, Part 2 Ė THE REVELATION

After finishing my ramble, I realized it wan't as long as I suspected it was going to be - So here's the rest.

Part 2: The revelation

Yesterday, I told you Iíd let about 6 lbs. creep back on and my safety net plan to immediately drop the weight wasnít working. When I realized my plan wasnít working, I sat and thought long and hard about why this might be. At first, I didnít come to any clear understanding of possible reasons, then it hit me: Iíd let a bad habit creep up and hadnít really even realized it. As I told you yesterday, I let myself indulge in the occasional cheat (a cookie here and there, or an extra portion occasionally), but Ė I always tracked it and, like I said, over time my good habits evened out.

A week ago, however, I suddenly caught myself (realization) Iíd just broken of my second small piece of cookie (in about an hourís time) and, since Iíd rationalized (A VERY BAD WORD WHEN IT COMES TO HABITS) as just a taste, I didnít track it. When I realized this, a revelation hit me, these little cheats were adding up on me. I wasnít tracking and accounting for them. For example: over the course of a month, eating an extra 250 calories per day (above your needs for good nutrition and health) will total more than 7500 calories Ė more than two lbs. of weight gain. I found Iíd fallen back into rationalization, the enemy mind set of any type of addiction. And mind this; I firmly believe cheating is a symptom of boredom and addiction.


Part 3: Understanding and coping

Many of you know I come from a Law Enforcement background and worked Narcotics for many years. During my time spent in Narcotics, I struggled with understanding addiction and my definition of addiction was always evolving. What I came to understand (and what I needed to focus on in dealing with my current minor weight gain) is that Addiction is: The habitual and compulsive behavior of an individual despite the knowledge and understanding of adverse results and affects.

In my current situation, I let a bad habit establish itself despite my knowledge of the adverse effects. In other works, Iíd let rationalization allow me to let a bad habit creep back into my behavior despite my understanding and knowledge of what would result.

As a result of my Revelation and Understanding Ė Iíve dismissed my rationalizations and gone back to taking things one day at a time (doing the best one can), and recommitted to exact food tracking. Food tracking is the one tool I credit with most of my success. As of today, Iím within 3 lbs. of my comfort weight and Iím confident Iíve reestablished my commitment to avoid addictive behavior.

NOTE 1: With everything said, I still also firmly believe you canít lead your life on a scale: Success is measured over time and if you commit to eating right, things will even out. Track, Track, Track, and if you overdo it here and there, your tracking will allow you to assure that things are evening out. This is something Iíll have to do for the rest of my life.

NOTE 2: My blog of the past couple of days involved eating and food Ė Donít forget ďDAILY EXERCISEĒ and ďHEALTHY LIFESTYLE PRACTICES.Ē

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks. I find your definition of addiction interesting. I wonder what you see as the cause / cure for addiction?
    1610 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. It's important to track everything-something I struggle much was that 1/2 cup 2/3 cup etc all adds up!
    1611 days ago
    Thanks! The tracking has been my strength in this weight loss journey. Mindless eating got me here. Tracking is helping me keep my 42 pound weight loss. Thanks for sharing.
    1611 days ago
    That is very true! emoticon
    1611 days ago
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