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Day 161-Tardiness

Thursday, July 05, 2012

So all is well with the exception of one thing. As of late, I have been playing catch up ALL THE TIME!!! I think I might just have too much on my plate. I don't like it. It is tarnishing my otherwise pleasant disposition. Here are the things that I need to work on:

Ashley's List of Lameness
1) I can't keep up with all my Spark Friends of Joy! All you guys have lovely blogs and such that I want to read but can't when I am at home (I don't have internet, and my phone's data is screwy)
2) I haven't been tracking like I should. I keep forgetting to put in meals or I don't plan ahead and I end up going over (when I do track it) or going under (when I don't track it) and then I can't remember what on earth I shoved in my gullet, lol.
3) I wait too long to get my sweat on and then only give it like 75% intensity. I really need to step up my game! I don't have AC, so it's so freaking hot that I don't want to move. I'm like a beached whale in my house, seriously. I wait until the sun goes down in hopes that it'll cool down my house and then when I finally do start, I am so tired because it's bedtime. Arrrgh! Last night it was a no go all together! Not good at all.
4) I haven't been weighing consistently. My weigh-in day was set for Mondays (like forever). Now it's whenever I gosh darn feel like it or whenever curiosity hits. That's not good because then I can't be sure if what I am doing is working or not.
5) I haven't been blogging like I should for my own accountability. That 365 Day Challenge that I am doing sort of fizzled out. Mostly because the gal who does it is also slow in cranking them out.
6) Another of my July challenges (SHRED from the Bad Ass Rock Stars team) calls for Strength, HIIT, Running, Eating clean every day, and Delivering (losing weight) once a week. I can do the strength and eating aspect every day but HIIT and running...not so much. I can run 3 days a week (in theory) when it isn't so humid, but I went to bodyrock.tv and also looked up ZWOW (Zuzana's workouts) and there is no way I could do that every day or even once a year LOL. Plus, how am I supposed to follow the instructions when I can't view the workout videos on youtube due to my lack of internet? So I am not so sure I am going to do very well on this challenge. Anyone have any other HIIT workout ideas that don't involve running or the elliptical since I am already doing those?
7) I missed my 5 month SparkVersary!

I want to end this self-deprecating blog on an uplifting and happy note. I have been here for 5 plus months. Go me!! I have lost 43.5 pounds. WOOHOO! I went from a size 22 jean size to a (gasp) size 14!! And an XXL shirt to a L/XL and yesterday I even threw on a medium (just for fun) and it looked just fine! My goal sun dress that I purchased last fall that I couldn't even fit over my head...guess what? I wore it yesterday for the first time (and I looked awesome in it btw)! I have come so far and have gotten compliments that have made me blush and I have completed each and every monthly goal that I have set for myself so far. Life is good. I am proud. I have the best Spark fam ever! I am a motivated and driven individual. I am comfortable saying with certainty again that I am an athlete.

It doesn't mortally wound me anymore when people say careless dumb things to me without thinking, because I know they are just jealous. Like yesterday, a gal scoffed at me and told me she thought I was obsessed. So...what's your point? I know what I need to do and I do it. If that makes me obsessed, then so be it. This remark came from a lady who isn't big like me, but is perpetually unhappy because she has a few pounds to lose and is vocal about it but won't do anything about it. Duh.

It just goes to show you that everyone has something that they need to sort out, and they will...in their own time. For some people, it just takes a little longer. For me, this is it. This is my moment to shine. And all that stuff I mentioned in the beginning of this very long blog (sorry readers) I'm working through it. I will do it because I can.

hmmm...perhaps my next reward for good behavior will be internet access...just something to think about.

Have a great day peeps, stay cool!
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