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Thursday, July 05, 2012

What do I want from blogging?
I don't want it to turn into a long journal of whining but at the same time I want to treat it as a way to get my feelings and views out of my head. And I hope that reviewing previous posts will show me patterns in my behaviors, positive or negative, that maybe effecting my aspirations.

Why am I here?
Same as everyone else I need to lose weight!! I was so distraught this time by the amount of weight I might have gained that I bought one of those "Quantum" scales that only reveal what you've lost, but never your actual weight.

Last time I went to lose this weight I pretty much lost 30lbs in 4 months and was where I wanted to be...
And then Dental school happened... I know, I know, no excuses, but it is a reason. We have class from 8-5 everyday and then usually study until bedtime, rinse lather repeat. It is a daunting schedule for anyone and especially for someone with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Some days I'm so tired and hurt so bad I can't even make my face pretend to be ok. That's tough. Being judged is tough.

Between the disease giving me unrestful sleep, not getting naps because of school, and several medications that side effects include weight gain, I've been on a terrible slippery slope.

For the past 6 weeks I've been trying to get back on track. I've lost 11 lbs and I wanted to type "only" because for how much I have to lose 11lbs could have been lost in only two weeks. But slow progress is still progress and regardless I'm going to continue on this path.

I think my biggest issue is sleep. Anyone can find a million articles about the importance of good sleep for weight loss and I'm not getting it. I've noticed that when I finally get to shut down whenever my body wants all of a sudden I start to drop the pounds. Hopefully, in the future, the sleep I get at night will be high enough quality to gain such results without napping all day. But that is another battle I need to wage with my doctor (and that is a rant for future post!)

Warning Girl moment....
Periods... what are you going to do about 'em. I think I should just consider the 1.5 week prior to my period as no win zones for weight loss. At least after my period I start to go back to normal but the 1.5 week is a bust for any real weight loss. I lose all the weight I gained that week but I'm back to the start before PMS kicked my butt. I don't remember it being this hindering in the past, but not much I can do about it!
End girl moment....

Finally, exercise motivation...
You know my mother finds it ironic that I never seemed to notice how much I disliked exercise when I played a sport every season from middle school until graduation when it was obvious to her that I never wanted to do it. But, you just did it! It was expected part of school life and my grades were better when I had them.
I'm 25 and no longer have that... well of course I play sports! attitude. I have a more mmm sleep would be so nice... attitude :)
I think the path to exercise is paved with enjoyment... If you don't like it, you won't do it! Although, I HATE brushing my teeth, but I still do it twice a day with floss and mouthwash... but then again I'm going to be a dentist so there is that motivation lol

Hopefully, I can get off my antisocial derrière and find something I really enjoy! It will take time and trial and error, but I think if I continue to post my feelings towards the exercise I tried I might be motivated into doing it and find one I like!

anyway this has been a rather long first post about my weight woes and goals but maybe blogging could be therapeutic and motivational...
lets give it a try!
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