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Cleaning, week 2 -pics

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

*Now with pics*

Well, this week has not been a good week for me. I have re-written this post in my head about 15 times so I'm just going to word vomit and hope it comes out somewhat understandable.

I'm discouraged. Really discouraged. After the first week I was running high. I changed the whole laundry room. I hauled a changing table around our house (including stairs). I painted a room by myself. I reorganized Kaylee's clothes and put everything in the closet. What reaction did I get from my husband?

"Let's see how long this lasts"...*crickets chirping*....wtf dude? So my motivation took a huge nose-dive and I can't seem to get it back. I know that I need to do this for myself and for my daughter, but when I can't even get a "good job" from my husband it is hard.

Add to this that Kaylee is cutting her top teeth and it is TORTURE for both of us. She was never the best sleeper, but we are on night 4 of waking up every 1-2 hours and I am dying. I am so tired that it also amplifies every other emotion I have.

Like how I'm so sick of cleaning. It never ends, ever, ever ever. No matter how much I clean the kitchen it just gets dirty again. There is always laundry, toys to pick up, hair to vacuum, beds to make, etc. etc. Now the logical part of me knows that yes, this is life, so suck it up buttercup, but the "I'm so tired I can't think straight" part of me just wants to have a 4 hour period where the laundry is done, the kitchen is clean, everything is fed, and there is nothing I HAVE to do.

Now...time to focus on the positives, and share the pictures I have taken (doh, camera battery died, will update that in a little bit).

1) Omg my baby turns 1 this month! She is walking about 75% of the time when she wants to get around, waving byebye, and blowing kisses. She can climb anything put in front of her and, thank goodness, is starting to figure out how to get down from things as well.

She also loves swimming and starts official swim lessons next week!

She does not like when I clean

But she likes to pick out her own clothes now that they are in her closet

2) The laundry room is still clean!

3) Did you know my closet has a floor? It's true. It's not necessarily organized, but it's better.

4) Ditto office. Not great, definitely not where I want it to be, but better. Any progress is progress and it will get done eventually.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I so sympathize with you! Avery got her first tooth a few days after her 1st birthday (June 12th), It was her top left tooth. This past week she was teething again, with her top right coming through. She had been pretty crabby with the 1st one, but last week she was practically inconsolable. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't nap, cried and nursed almost constantly. She was doing a little better on Monday, and so I took the opportunity to check on the tooth (she usually won't let me look or feel in her mouth).

    Anyway, poor baby girl was not just getting the top one, but the two bottom ones as well! The definite downside to late teething...they all come in so close together you barely get a break!

    I work full time. Avery used to come to work with me full time. But this past few weeks my husband started taking her in the mornings (I wasn't getting ANYTHING done), and then at night, I was so stressed/exhausted that my entire house was HORRIBLE.

    I don't care what anyone says, babies this age take a lot out of you! It's hard to give all that, AND try and keep your house in order, and try to deal with the details of everyday life AND be a good wife, friend, etc!

    Anyway, Hugs! It will get better ( that is my mantra! LOL)
    2053 days ago
  • GETSLIM121
    change starts with small steps....Your first step is always the greatest....
    2060 days ago
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