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One Size Does Not Fit All

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Some time ago I posted on my personal website a story in which "One Size Does Not Fit All" in which I explained why some diets worked for me (or others) and why some didn't. I felt it should be made available here as well.

When I joined the Atkins site I had every intention of following Atkins. I had the brand new New Atkins book and I had the 2003 version. I read them both. I went as low carb as I could and followed the plan as best as I could. I did this after my PCP (Primary Care Physician) visit where we thought there was a possibility of PCOS. When researching PCOS I found many followed a low-carb diet.

When we found out it was not PCOS, my PCP then set me up an appt. with a OB/GYN specialist, which is on July 12. She also sent me to the same dietitian my husband was seeing for his own medical issues.

At first everyone on Atkins was warm and welcoming. That changed when I mentioned my dietitian put me on a different plan. I was bashed for listening to my Dr's and that Atkins was the ONLY way to go. It really bothered me. I don't post there anymore, just lurk for recipes and information.

I come here to SP because I still keep in contact with people here that I have met over there years , even though I don't use the food tracker here I still use the blogs , teams, and forums. I decided to visit some low carb forums here.

While most people have been very nice, many have not been. Obviously no one wants to call me in out in public, so all of the rudeness comes out in Spark Mail. Again, people bashing me for not being "true low carb" or not following the Atkins way of life.

I have been on SP since the early stages. It was free, then it went paid and I closed my account. I started again in 2007 when it was free again. I have NEVER had anyone be so rude to me at any point on SP no matter which meal plan I decided to follow.

But now it seems out of control.

I am glad Atkins worked for you. I think it's great. I actually think the program itself is great. BUT, I was told NOT to cut my carbs that low. I was told to follow the USDA guidelines and the American Diabetes Association guidelines. So why is that so wrong? I still have to go low-carb.

One size does not fit all and we should be allowed to choose the plan we want without having a ton of hate mail to sort through.
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  • ELSCO55
    It is true that what works for one does not work for others. Glad your PCP is trying to find the best solution for you. Keep posting, I have learned a lot from you.
    2083 days ago
    It's the same way as with a lot of other aspects of life...politics, religion, and so forth. People think that if you don't think the same way as them, then you are against them. I think it's all a bunch of garbage.

    I loved your blog, btw! Very well said!
    2085 days ago
    for some low-carb people is is like a fanatical religion. They are not willing to be open to other options. I have only had a few people tell me how to eat in a forum. i almost toldl one of the people "i am so glad you read 2 whole books on living an X lifestyle. However I will listen to someone who actually knows my medical history, goals and allergies, who has had a heck of a lot more training then you. so thanks for the advice. don't give me anymore."

    Instead i simply stopped posting on that thread and the issue stopped. i am sorry they were being suck jerks. All they do is prove their idea is wrong for everyone else.
    2085 days ago
  • JACKIE4019
    I don't understand why some people can't be supportive.
    2085 days ago
    sorry you are having a bit of back lash or critisism on this site i have been lucky up to now that that has never happened to me(surprizing concidering how big my mouth can be sometimes lol.when it is constructive critism name it on,think about it then decide what YOU want.if not constructive let it go in one ear and out of the other they are not worth your time or worry. emoticon
    2086 days ago
    Amen, you said it so well. We have to find what works for us individually. I was put on the Atkins diet in the early 1980s, and it was Draconian then. When I experienced symptoms similar to those suffered by diabetics when they are crashing, I knew that diet did not work for me. Through trial and error, I've found that focusing on protein and eating lightly early in the day works best for me, with my main balanced meal in the evening. Others believe the calories should be spaced more evenly, but I know myself well enough to know eating more calories at lunch will not guarantee I eat fewer at dinner. Thanks for posting!
    2086 days ago
    Great, great post. Thank you!
    2086 days ago
    So true. If no one lost on "Eat Less, Move More" then it would stop being recommended, but truly, some people do lose and feel better. The problem is that there are many more for whom that DOESN'T work.

    I'm sorry that people were so dismissive of your plan. Just remind them to "Come back in a year and check my tracker." :)
    2086 days ago
    i"ve seen diet zealots on a bunch of sites and spark teams...

    I try to be happy for everyone who has found a lifestyle that worked for them (weight loss) and they can follow/modify to follow for the rest of their life.

    However, like you, I've been a professional dieter and there were a lot of diets that I could not follow or that were not meeting my personal needs.

    Follow you're path to long term health and wellness - and if you need to leave a team to rid yourself of some judgement (regardless how well intentioned), just drop the team.

    Again, I think everyone is being well intentioned - but no one wants to be judged by others!
    2086 days ago
    We all have to find what works for us......
    2086 days ago
    Great and awesome
    2086 days ago
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