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Explaining My Low Carb Diet Part Two

Saturday, June 30, 2012

When reading a food label these are some of the things I need to pay attention to.

Total Fat: I have to watch this.
Snacks, cereals, dairy and dessert = 3gram per serving or less

Meat and cheese = 5gram or less per serving

Frozen dinners = 3 or less grams of fat per 100 calories. These I am only allowed to eat 1-2 times a week because of the sodium. But it is preferred I do not eat them at all. Same for canned soups like Progresso, although those come in low-sodium varieties.

Avoid trans fat.

Saturated fats with less than 1/4 the total fat coming from sat. fat.

Total Carbohydrates:
total carbs include all starches, sugars, dietary fiber and sugar alcohol.

Sugars: Ignore the total grams of sugar listed on the label.
Fiber: If the serving has 5 or more grams, subtract 1/2 of the fiber grams from the total carbohydrate grams.
Sugar alcohol: if a serving has 5 or more grams, subtract 1/2 of the sugar alcohol grams from the total carbohydrate grams.

Conversion Guide:
Total Carb. Grams = Carb Point( or whatever you call it)

0-5 = 0
6-10 = 1/2
11-20 = 1
21-25 = 1 1/2
26-35 = 2
36-40 = 2 1/2
41-50 = 3
51-55 = 3 1/2
56-65 = 4
66-70 = 4 1/2
71-80 = 5
81-85 = 5 1/2
86- 95 = 6
96 - 100 = 6 1/2
101 - 110 = 7

So, I would figure if I get 3 meals, with 3 each and the highest allowed for "3" is 50 carbs, that would be 150 for my meals and the highest of the 2 dessert I get is 35 carbs. In total I should have no more than 185 carbs a day.

The ADA website states a person with Type2 should stay between 150-185 carbs a day. I was not diagnosed with Type2, but I do have some other problems which we are still trying to work on. My husband also has some medical issues. Hes on the same plan but gets 16 carb choices (points) instead of 11 like I get.

To me, that is lowering my carbs substantially. But I do understand that Atkins followers are MUCH lower than that.

Maybe at some point I can get down to that, BUT my Dr and Dietitian specifically said not to follow Atkins right now.

Carbs make me feel like crap anyway so I am doing my best to cut some out of my life.

My husband is doing well, hes lost 3 lbs !

The material I copied my meal plan from was printed by the International Diabetes Center.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    @bearclaw6 - I watch my fat as much as possible just because if I eat too much of it I start to feel gross, like its coming out of my pores. I don't really know how to explain that. I make sure everything is as lean as possible. This is something I have always done. When I was on Weight Watchers in my 20s, and a runner, I was also vegetarian. Over the years I have added back eggs, chicken, fish, and things of that nature. But I am not really a fan of red meat, so I leave that to my husband. I wish I was not a fan of "boxed meals" as my husband calls them, but I have been known to have some Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice meals on hand for when I don't feel like cooking. I am a full time grad student, doing an internship, writer, and freelancer. I don't always have time to prepare meals. I find myself much more interested in the entire food label now and not just looking at the needed nutrients to figure WW Points. I hope this meal plan works, if not, I have no hesitation in asking the dietitian for something else. Right now my future depends on it. I have to lose the weight for my disk disease in my lower back , the nasty arthritis in my hip, and to have a better chance at having a baby.

    @woubbie - it is getting easier. I am a creature of habit and I tend to stick to the same food items. Makes like easier for me. I am slowly learning by the amount of carbs listed on the food label just how many exchanges it will be. I find myself cutting out more carbs as I go along just because I feel better without it.

    @nwfl59 - I remember my vegetarian days. I dipped down into veganism for the longest time. But with running 7-10 miles a day I had a really hard time listening to my body. I brought back eggs and chicken. I have a bunch of GI books on my iPad to read after listening to my cousin talk about how it helped her.

    @ever-hopeful - I thought it was going to be hard, and suck. The first few days it did. The hardest part has been cooking/preparing 3 meals a day every day of the week. Packing my husbands lunch every day and trying to figure out what to make on weekends when my step-daughter is with us. Thankfully she will try anything once and so far I would say we have a 99% ratio of likes vs. dislikes. She has pretty much liked everything I have made for the last 4 years.
    2029 days ago
    Really, it sort of looks like the only difference between you and a 'hard-core low carber' is the fat. Generally, most low-carb dieters in the style of Atkins or Paleo don't avoid fat, just trans fat. So, your day sounds very similar to mine except I don't ever eat prepared frozen dinners and I eat more butter and sour cream!

    Every person is different. If you (or I) find what works for you (or me) then go for it. The key for a lot of people is to remeber that added sugars/simple carbs are evil for just about everyone and that veggies are good for just about everyone. Beyond that, we each must find what works. For some people, that appears to be eating huge amounts of whole grains while avoiding most fats while others need to eat huge amounts of fats while avoiding all grains.
    2029 days ago
    Carbs are actually pretty easy to count, so you should get the hang of the points system pretty quickly. Your earlier post said:

    "The reason I joined low carb groups was because even though I am on a ADA plan, I do not have diabetes. I dont fit in the diabetes groups. But, as I mentioned, for those questioning, I am not really following Atkins either, even though I have the newest book and the old book. I am using it more for a guide , inspiration, motivation, and recipes."

    Good reasoning! The Living Low Carb (Atkins and Other Plans) group is particularly open to various forms of reduced carb ways of eating. And most of us also feel crappy when we eat grains. Who knew!

    If you need any support, advice, or cheerleading come on by the forum and say hi!
    2030 days ago
  • NWFL59
    Good luck in following all the rules. I do have Type II diabetes and try to follow a vegetarian approach to using the glycemic index regime of eating as my guide. emoticon
    2030 days ago
  • JACKIE4019
    This was too many rules for us. (my DH and I) so we went to a simpler plan.
    2030 days ago
    sounds too much like hard work to me lol.tell hubby way to go.both of you keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2030 days ago
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