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People at gyms... and other fancy stuff...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am kind of mystified by the behavior of some people I see at the gym... I applaud them wholeheartedly for being there... but the way they act sometimes confuses me and makes me wonder what the story is behind it.

First are they guys who have to grunt mightily when lifting weights. This one is less mysterious to me since I know that vocalization, such as in martial arts, can actually help you to focus and put more force in a blow, etc. (Sheepishly checking this one off the list...)

The next one also deals with weights, why do they have to make so much noise when changing out weights, putting them away, etc? I know some noise will occur, the weights are metal, tend to be heavy and at some point we all lose our grips on whatever we are holding. But does it have to be an ongoing clanking noisefest? Really? I am rather judgmental about this... I will freely admit.

Last night, though, I saw the weirdest behavior I have ever seen to date and it was on the treadmills. I was happily ensconced, doing my running/walking intervals and this guy on another treadmill was going full tilt (Go dude!!) for a long time, but it was the way he was ON the treadmill. It was like he was clinging to the console and handles for dear life... he also had the tail of his t-shirt in his mouth most of the time he was on the equipment. Not being judgmental, just curious as all get out... Does he feel the need to exercise but has a preternatural fear of treadmills? Still scratching my head.

Otherwise I am getting along okay... my eating is mostly under better control and my exercise is way up. It's taken some doing, but I'm down a pound or two and back into range.

I have passed the 55% done point for being in Texas now and that makes me quite happy. I am so wanting to just get home. My hubby and son are due down for another visit in about 3 weeks and one of my best friends is coming for a visit in just under 6 weeks. By the time I am done with this round of visitage, I will be down to about 3.5 months left. Then I plan to go home for a week in October for my birthday and a science fiction convention... and I'll only have about 6 weeks left. So my remaining 43ish% should be nicely punctuated with visits to keep it from getting monotonous or too lonely.

Physical fitness and watching my eating have helped me cope with the homesickness that has gotten worse in the last few weeks. Also the pain that I have been experiencing in my R hip and shoulder have given me something to pay attention to apart from being homesick. I had a massage on Monday evening and am going back today. I am tired of taking ibuprofen and naproxen and just not feeling quite right. The massage has been the most lasting relief I have had.

Just relaxing this weekend (which will include working out)...

Oh and an update on t-shirt chomping guy at the gym... he has been there the last two times I was there... one day right next to me... doing the same weird thing and it's disconcerting to be on the treadmill nextdoor, let me tell you!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Just popping in to say hey on here...catch up on your bloggage...did I just make up a word??? ANYwhoooo...

    I LoLd about the guy with the shirt in his mouth on the treadmill...but then again, if I were in a gym, you'd see me with my iPod shoved into my left sportsbra strap and the wires tucked into the straps to keep from hitting me in the face!

    Hope you get back to the "abby-normal" routine soo enough!
    1958 days ago
    The grunting doesn't phase me any more. I'll admit that a couple of times I lifted a really heavy weight, I felt a slight "grunt" or maybe it was just a loud exhale coming on. eh-hem.

    What bothers me ? The guys (and I'm sorry it is mostly the guys), who use the weights and then don't put them back where they belong !!!!! some leave them next to the bench. Some put them back on the rack in the wrong place. They seem to think it's someone else's job to put away the weights. I consider that plain old rude behavior. It makes me wonder what their homes look like if they don't pick up after themselves at the gym.

    And the women's locker room ! Jeepers, ladies. You can be just as bad sometimes leaves bits of paper or what not on the bathroom floors. if I drop something, I pick it up and throw it away. that doesn't seem too hard to me, but seems to be for others !

    And I've seen the people who hold on for dear life on the treadmills. I try to mind my own business when I see people doing that. It's their workout, not mine.

    Do you folks use SKYPE ? That's one way to keep in touch with your hubby and son while you're on duty.

    1993 days ago
    Yeah, the clanging weights is annoying, and mostly unnecessary, maybe they need it to wake up? Or they just want some attention? Treadmill guy just sounds like an accident waiting to happen, and it does no good to go that fast if your hanging on to the machine anyway....

    Enjoy your visits, and hope the remaining time flies quickly! Home must sound really nice right now...
    1993 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    The comic relief at the gym sometimes keep your mind off of your workout, making the time go by pretty quick. I've had my concerns on why and what people do while others are watching. As you stated, some say it helps, hmmmmmmm, I wonder. Hang in there as it'll be over before you know it. Thank God for family, friends and visits. Get back on track with your eating and exercising. Just think how good you're going to look when you arrive home again! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
    HAHAHAH Wow that is totally weird.
    From a chick who never goes to the gym (I'm a workout video kind of girl) this post was fascinating.
    I'm glad that healthful living is keeping your mind off of homesickness- I know I would miss my son like mad even if I was away for just a few days!
    1995 days ago
    Glad that your life changes are helping! Yeah, I think we have all seen some WEIRD stuff at the gym! LOL - I still think my weirdest was the guy who walked in in his full Wet Suit and jumped on the treadmill. I HAD to ask him what was up - and just as I suspected, he was training for a Triatholon.

    But then I asked him why he was RUNNING the Tri in his Wet Suit (most people change after the swim, and start biking, and THEN change to start running...) and he said he was preparing for all scenarios - he had had a nightmare that he had forgotten both of his sets of clothes and had to run it in the Wet Suit. Then decided it was better to be prepared.

    People are weird...
    1995 days ago
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