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Explaining my Low Carb Diet

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am not following Atkins (or South Beach or The Zone, or any other commercial plan) what I am following is based on the American Diabetes Association. ADA Weight Loss Plan. My dietitian gave me a meal plan. The meal plan has me lowering my carbs a great deal (at least for me personally, again, I am not following Atkins). In this meal plan there is a chart. There are points or exchanges or counts (whatever to call them I have no idea) where a food item has this many carb points (is what I call them because I am so used to WW points). I am allowed 3 for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I get 2 for dessert. I get 11 total carb points per day. My husband is allowed 16.

So, I look at the food label, read the carbs and look on my chart. It will tell me how many carb points it is. Since I only get 3 per meal, I am really not eating a lot of carbs.

On this plan I am allowed pasta (whole wheat), bread (whole wheat) , rice (brown), cereal (whole grain), and even fruit (only in the morning) so long as I stay within the guidelines and I am also getting all of the other food requirements.

There is no Induction phase for me since I am not doing Atkins style, I am doing ADA style.

I can't eat the stuff every day. But it is there for me if I choose to have it. She does not what to put me on a deprivation diet. I can choose to have it or not.

Having said that, when I see that one of those servings takes up most of my allowable carb points, I have been learning to stay away from them.

I also have to watch my sodium.

I hope that clears up some of the confusion.

So a typical day so far has been:

Br: Egg, turkey bacon (low sodium) , spinach, onion and mushroom. I might have a piece of fruit or 1 slice of grain bread. It just depends on how I feel.

Sn: I may or may not have one depending on what I had for breakfast, but snack has been a piece of string cheese or some greek yogurt.

Lu: Is salad , some protein (either more egg or the meat from last nights dinner)

Sn: Vegetables - raw

Din ; Green vegetables or a salad with a piece of lean mean, fish, or chicken. I think one day I had a tiny baked potato and another night we had whole wheat pasta.

As I finish the boxes of higher carb stuff I won't be bringing them into the house.

I keep my journal on MyFitnessPal. I dont use the one here on SP too much anymore. My dietitian has access to MFP because it password protected. She looked over my week and said everything was just fine. Gave me a few pointers and said to keep on trucking, the weight will come off.

All the books and materials she gave us were directly from the USDA website and the ADA website.

The reason I joined low carb groups was because even though I am on a ADA plan, I do not have diabetes. I dont fit in the diabetes groups. But, as I mentioned, for those questioning, I am not really following Atkins either, even though I have the newest book and the old book. I am using it more for a guide , inspiration, motivation, and recipes.

This is the main book:


She also suggested I use Calorie King carb counting book. I laughed at her a bit becuse I had CK back in 2005. The website was free then, but I had the paid desktop app and the carb book. So I dusted that off. I got the newest one for the Kindle iPad app.

Counting carbs instead of WW points has been weird for me. I never really 100% did the shift from points to calorie counting. I would like more than anything to get back to my Lifetime status weight.
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  • ELSCO55
    Sounds interesting. Keep us posted.
    2026 days ago
  • JACKIE4019
    I'm familiar with this plan. My husband is a diabetic and this is the plan they suggested for him. Good luck
    2027 days ago
    So how many carbs equals a point?
    2027 days ago
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