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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well not much happened yesterday I got to give all my money away (bills). I remembered to eat heap big protien for breakfast. and didn't wilt halve way through the day. Unlike last month. I bought messuring cups and spoons for this months change. It's all about portion control...right? I am practicing with them today and yesterday to see how I can use them to my best advative. Trying to figure out my one pots are gonna be a b*#ch though. the have always been; a dollup, here a dash there. But I have to be verey precices in my messuring to be able to track my intake properly.
I'm a little leary about it though. I have always had a big apetite. When I was a kid I could pack away 2 large pizzas, and a obsene amount of bread sticks. But that was when I needed the extra cal. I never sat still, and was even active in my sleep. I really miss being called a bean pole. Even if I loss all they weight I am supposed to, my boobs will make sure I never am called one again. Oh well. When at the right size. I have the body of Marillyn Monroe so I can't complain lol.
It was really hard getting out of bed today. All I wanted was to get back in the covers and sleep. But if I did my sleep scedule would never be fixed. so I got up. Thank all that's good and green for coffe.
Oh I saw my sister yesterday and got huge kudos. She hasn't seen me in about a week and a half. So when she saw me she did a double take. Walked around me and said saw marked weight loss. She also said that I am gonna need to ether alter my fav. blouse or just get rid of it. "We" don't show bra or strap. "We" both think it looks trashy.
Oh for my birthday on the fourth (yes yes, I know indipendence baby I heard it all before) I am buying a fridge. why may you ask? simple. I didn't have enough room in my old frig. for all the vegies I buy now! Right now I have 10, 5 lbs bags of f.veggies, two frozen strawberrys (1lbs each) 3 bags of salad. and ten pounds of potatoes. I forgot the onions. next trip. And I plan to buy more. So I kinda need the room.
I think that's about it happy week end!

I forgot to tell yu the best part You all know I'm a chips junky right well yesterday I wanted some and I messured out asingle serving ate two and the FORGOT ABOUT THEM!!!!!! omg I think I am getting a handle one it finailly!!!!

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    Cheers to chucking the chip challenge!

    1936 days ago
    Woohoo!! Great job making committments to living right. I am proud of you.
    Hugs, Jackie
    1937 days ago
    You sound like you're on the right track. Way to go! And I love that picture. Lol
    1937 days ago
    Looks like you are on the right track. Read my emails now I might just go back to bed, after all it is Sunday. Have a great day.
    1937 days ago
    Some tips that I use and things I eat.First, it is nice when someone notices all the hard work you put in, so kudos to your sis.
    I snack badly or use to,now I use cheap sandwich bags to measure out my almonds. The are packed with protein and if portioned out right ,you won't go crazy. I do the same with Sun chips, baked Lays,unsalted pretzels,with a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter to dip them in. Since you have measuring spoons they will do.
    I would invest in a food scale,when you master portion control you will be able to eye-ball ounces on your meats.It also helps with veggies too. I have a portion sheet that I have on the fridge.Olive Oil is a good investment,there is even light versions,it can be pricey and if not monitored right can add a few calories. I use tupperwear bowls and use one day to make meals for a couple days, pack them in the fridge and they are ready to go. emoticon
    1937 days ago

    One possibility when cooking more in the dash and dollop method is measuring out more than you'll use, cooking, then measuring the remainder to put away. I did that with milk for my omelets, to which I add a "splash". I poured 1 cup in a measuring cup, added my splash, then looked to see how much was left in the measuring cup. (Then I could pour the rest back into the carton easily, too.)
    1937 days ago
    Stay motivated!
    1938 days ago
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