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I am Pi$$ed off today

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am pissed off today.

Pissed off at Terry/Tammy, but that's for another blog.

Pissed off at the scale. I've been working my a$$ off all week, and it actually went up. I'm getting sick of playing this game. Work hard to see the opposite of what you are working for. Give me a friggin break!

Pissed off at my body that's aching today.

Pissed off that even though I've worked so hard, and am aching, the scale still went up this week.

Pissed off at always being hungry because of this cleansing diet.

I am taking a day off from exercise soon. I was planning on doing it tomorrow, but now I'm tempted to do it today.

I know. I won't get anywhere if I throw in the towel and let this kind of anger dictate my next actions.

The reality is the sun is shining out today. The birds are singing. Lee wants to go for a bike ride. Maybe I should get dressed and go with him. Then go straight into my daily run. Just get it all over with all at once.

It could be raining later today, or even tomorrow. There is no good reason to not go today. The only thing standing in my way is my attitude, and today it's a bad one.

The worst part, I think I know why I'm not loosing weight. And that pisses me off even more. I KNOW what's going on, and here I'm letting it happen. Okay, so I'm not just letting it happen. I am struggling to find things I can eat on this cleansing diet. Since I'm struggling with it so much, I'm skipping my snacks. I'm hungry throughout the day. My body is in starvation mode. So even though I'm burning over 1000 calories more than I'm consuming every day (often closer to 1500), I'm not loosing any weight.

I NEED to adjust this. I NEED to find healthy snacks. I need to eat more. Especially if I'm going to keep stepping up my fitness. I don't want to back down from my exercise. It's going to do my body a lot more good to keep exercising and just eat more, than it will to back off the fitness.

I found a recipe to make sweet potato chips - oven roasted of course. I just need to get a slicer that can handle slicing those things. They are HARD! I am thinking of ordering one for my Kitchenaid, but it'll take about 2 weeks to get here. I wish I had it now. I might go to Walmart and see what I can find there. Or maybe the shredder I have has a slicer side to it. I never thought of that before. Hmmm. Guess I can go look. I can make do with that until I can get another one. I also have a recipe for a chipotle dipping sauce for them. Yummy! It sounds like a nice snack, and not overly calorie laden.

I still need to find more snack items, but I think this might be a good start.
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  • JELLEN726
    I have gotten into the sweet potato chips as a snack with cottage cheese. I found a brand carried at Meijer that is baked and no salt or sugar. They are amazing! I still havent made the "chips" yet but I have made my own fries and they are great and easy. Just time consuming. Also, I found some frozen, gluten free, chemical free, sweet potatoe fries in the vegan/gluten free aisles at kroger before. I hope that helps. Another great snack I have grown dependent on are seaweed chips from Trader Joe's.

    I totally get being irritated at not seeing things budge, but I know you can get there! Good for you on deciding to stay dedicated. emoticon emoticon
    2029 days ago
  • TREESA57
    I know exactly where you are coming from, first thing you have to do is take off those pissy panties and go find a sunshine pair. I know easier said than done. I took 3 weeks to lose my last 5 pounds I wore those pissy panties for quite awhile. You do need to eat snacks to keep that metabolism up. I have a trick for you on those sweet taters though. Stick it with a fork and put it in the microwave for about 5 minutes. It bakes it a little and softens it up enough to slice it up for grilling them. I drizzle olive oil on mine and put garlic and dill seasoning on them. I have grilled them outside and in my oven. yum yum
    good luck, the weight will come off dont fret!!!!
    2031 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Are you allowed to have popcorn? It's not terribly high calorie without the butter, and it's fairly filling.

    I'm grouchy today too, but that doesn't have anything to do with my diet, it has to do with someone totally derailing my morning plans. Again. My job now is to not go looking for the chocolate the cheer me up.

    I think you should go for a bike ride. That sounds like a lot of fun, and even if you don't feel like going for a run after you've still gotten in some exercise. As far as the scale, as disappointing as it is you do know what's going on. You know what you need to do, and you're working on it.
    2031 days ago
    I love sweet potatoes roasted in the oven. Good luck finding snacks! They are very important. Not sure what all you can and can't eat- have you tried to do any research on the web? Maybe there is a website with some suggestions for snacks? emoticon

    Can you eat beans and lentils? I have a recipe that I developed, it is like a vegetarian chili. I think it is really yummy (as do other people) and it is very filling. Let me know if you want it if you can eat them.
    2031 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/30/2012 9:48:37 AM
    It looks like you've figured things out, but I thought I'd drop a note about something I learned recently. I'm totally frustrated with how things are going for myself, too. I've been trying a new program, and it seems like instead of losing weight, the scale goes up a little bit every day. Every day, I've got sore muscles in all sorts of difference places from the exercise.

    Well, I read an article that talks about building muscle and muscle inflammation. I knew that soreness meant I was building muscle. It didn't occur to me, though, that since the muscles were "injured," they'd be inflamed! And that inflammation means the muscles are holding a lot of water while they heal and re-build themselves to be stronger.

    Hang in there! Once you get your food back to where you want it and that soreness goes away, you should see a difference!
    2031 days ago
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