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06-29-2012 Accountability Check

Friday, June 29, 2012

Yesterday I had 2234 of 1710 calories and 3934 of 2300 sodium.

Yup, I went over in both - but I will say seeing the number is a good thing and I probably would have went over if I wasn't tracking. I guarantee that in the last year+ that I have not tracked, I've probably eaten well over 4000 calories most days.

Sad, eh?

So while I did go over, it wasn't that bad. And to make it even better - I exercised yesterday.

Indeed - I did a few reps with hand weights, did some push ups and crunches using my swiss ball, did some leg curls on the weight bench and finished with 1/8 mile on the dreadmill. I only did 1/8 because I was barefoot. I know I know - you would think I would have learned from that one time I did 2 miles (or whatever it was) barefoot and ended up with HUGE blisters on the bottom of my feet. But oh no... I did 1/8 barefoot. Half of that I walked, the other half I sloooooow jogged.

No worries - no blisters today.

It did make me want to get a pair of those vibram running shoes. My legs were more comfortable jogging barefoot than they were with running shoes... even when I was at the 230 mark a couple years ago. Granted, a 300 pound runner (ok. 296 to be technical) may be too hard on her feet. But... that 1/16 of a slooooow jog actually made me want to run.

Now - one little issue. The man caught me at the door yesterday, when he realized I was for-real-serious-this-time about exercising that the tread on the treadmill had slipped. You can only really use it without holding on at an incline of 6. He may as well have put a knife through my heart! I relied so heavily on the treadmill to lose weight the first time - how in the world will I lose it now!

It took a moment for me to actually think about it.. I figure I can walk at an incline of 5... running, not so much. So.. I'm just going to have to deal with it and see if I can get it fixed or find one on sale somewhere for a couple hundred. I really do rely on the treadmill a LOT - its not easy for me to just up and go for a jog. BUT I am not going to let this put me off track (pardon the pun) - maybe that is what I will use my google money for - a couple payouts from that and I could have a new treadmill (granted, I was going to use it to pay off medical bills UGH So if you want to go to my blog and click some ads LOL just kidding!)

A follow-up on the email I sent the man about eating at 4 (not sure if you caught that in yesterday's blog or not) but he responded back to me and said "I support you - it doesn't hurt my feelings. I don't like eating that early either but I like eating with the family AND I don't want to grab junk at work" - so.. it is good to know he is 100% supportive, as he was last time.

He and the kids ate dinner early (per norm) - I relaxed on the couch with my foot elevated (been having trouble with swelling lately) and knitted. He left and I went downstairs to work out. After I worked out, I fixed me a plate of now-cold food and enjoyed. And ya know, it was the macaroni salad that put me over in calories/sodium today... but it was still good!

Today I want to do the same. I want to go home, relax a little and then work out some. I think I am going to try to do one of the suggested beginner full-body workouts with the swiss ball and see how that goes for the night. Then perhaps tomorrow can be a running day.... of course, I may switch that since I got the weird urge to run again...

That's never happened before.

Until next time -
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  • SGRAY478
    Personally, when I restart, I usually spend the first two weeks eating semi-normal (meaning - above my goals) so I can really see where my trouble areas are (which foods are crazy bad, what meals are triggers, etc.), then work on my goals from there.

    I can tell you, currently I am struggling with eating too! I have been over my goals for over half of June!

    Good luck with the treadmill! And glad to hear that the Mr. is super supportive!
    2059 days ago
    Keep at your goals and you will succeed. Good luck on your weight and exercise journey. Spark On! emoticon
    2059 days ago
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