Monthly Report #1

Friday, June 29, 2012

OK, so it's been a month here on SP, and there have been some discoveries, and a few results:

Discovery 1: I kind of already knew that choice-wise, I was a healthy eater, and I have confirmed that.

Discovery 2: My portions were off. I suspected that, since I didn't eat as much, pre marriage, and also ate much less carbs. But yeah, way off, especially the carbs.

Discovery 3: I thought I was doing an OK job, at least sometimes, of getting my protein in, as a vegetarian. Boy, was I not. I am soooo off my protein intake, I'm even low on the days I could swear I planned every meal around high protein vegetarian fare.

Discovery 4: I'm on the high end, but within, a normal BMI for my weight. Furthermore, I'm tall and have an athletic build, which means I carry extra weight quite well, to the point my friends consider me to be thin. Well, they haven't seen me naked! At my ideal weight, which is (and has always been) on the lower end of a normal BMI, I have slim hips and not that much of a waist, my body's more boyish. Right now, my hips are... well, normal for my height (I seem to distribute weight quite evenly), I still fit into a size 10 (UK = 6 US), though it was beginning to feel tight, and I have no waist at all, and quite a bit of flab around the middle. I'm still, somehow, squeaking by on the hip to waist ratio, and when I'm thinner, I also kind of squeak by, but look much better. There is some extra roundness on my legs and arms, my chest (my husband might not be happy to see that go), and my face.

Discovery 6: 30-something is not 20-something, for weight gain or weight loss. Seriously... I have been heavier than I am now, about 10 tears ago, and my stomach did not look like this! And also, the pounds used to melt off, what happened?!?!

Discovery 7: My workout was grueling, cardio-wise, but not the most effective. This is perhaps the major discovery!

Discovery 8: Sometimes (but not always) the snacking impulse really is hunger, but having a better breakfast seems to do the trick.

Now, for the results:

Result 1: The scale victory: I'm almost on track with what the system says I should be losing. This is a major surprise, because I did not start from scratch. I'd been on an hour of cardio 5 days a week for 4 or 5 months, so there weren't that many changes to my routine when I started. The food didn't change substantially either. The scale hardly moved the first two weeks, but I wasn't surprised, or discouraged. I knew I'd already had the first couple of "wonder weeks" when you start to get fit and eat right, and the body reacts to the change, way back in March. Then I figured out that I wasn't actually getting enough calories for the amount of cardio I was doing, and tweaked my workout to get the best shaping up results from the cardio, and bam! The body responded to the change in a big way on week 3.

Result 2: Since I'd been doing the same cardio for a few months, just adding minutes as I began to feel fitter, my legs (especially) had shaped up a bit, but then plateaued. Since I stepped up my cardio, and added some strength training that I'd been putting off, I can see the changes. Now, I have to admit, I kept putting off the strength at they gym because I really enjoy the cardio, can't stay at the gym all day to do both, and don't love the weights so much. Excuses! I'm doing ST at home. It's working!

Result 3: I started running again! I had always planned to do this, but seemed to just be trying to pile on other forms of cardio before I deemed myself ready. Now, here's the thing, I've had lots of injuries, most of them related to hard-core running, so part of it was just fear of getting back into the vicious circle of amazingly fit runner, injury, months of recovery, unfit, months to get back into shape, injury, etc... Now, rationally, I know I can avoid this. I'm not a teen who considers herself unbreakable (dozens of trips to the hospital and casts apparently did not count), and I'm no longer competing professionally, where you kind of have to push through the pain, especially if the injury interferes with a competition. And then, to add insult to injury, the injuries end your sports career at 19! Then again, I also know I have an incredibly high tolerance for pain. High enough to ignore a broken bone for days (and yeah, it actually looked broken), and high enough to have no clue what I did to my ankle a few weeks ago. All I know is that by the time I got home from the carnival, I was limping badly and it really hurt. No idea when it happened, didn't feel a thing.

So basically, I know I have to be careful, as I am prone to overdoing it, working through the pain, and all that, but I also know that I LOVE RUNNING! More than any other workout. It's not just the endorphins, it's much more! And somehow, I let myself forget that. But I'm back! How could I not take the virtual 5k challenge. It was the tiny little push I needed.

Result 4: I can feel a slight change in my jeans and my belt. Tiny, but it's there. And growing. I can see a bit of definition in my thighs, which have plateaued for a long time, and even in my arms, which have never been THAT toned, even at my fittest.

Result 5: My mood is better, in general. All day!
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