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Spark Women: PLEASE don't lose weight quickly!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes, I am serious.

I am collecting stats, and they are astounding. I know and read about so many women who lose weight quickly, and at around a 50 pound loss or more, are all being diagnosed with breast cancer!!!!


Because it is a FACT that our fat cells do more than just store fat. They do two other things that are critical in this equation:

1. Fat cells store TOXINS. All those toxins we take in are stored in our fat cells.
2. Fat cells MAKE estrogen. They make EXTRA estrogen. And many cancers are estrogen-based, such as, drumroll please, yep, you guessed it--Breast cancer!

So when you lose weight too quickly, and even 2 lbs per week is too quickly, you are bursting open those fat cells. And what do they do when they burst open? They spill their contents into your system, flooding and overwhelming your lymph nodes because it is too many toxins all at once. And your lymphatic system has all those toxins and all that extra estrogen with nowhere to go but to a well-protected area but highly estrogen and toxic sensitive area, such as your breasts. And THEN you have to fight breast cancer.

The answer is NOT to stop losing weight. The answer is to lose weight VERY VERY slowly! Lose at half a pound a week, so your body will have time to properly dispose of those toxins and extra estrogen. Seriously!!!!! Losing faster than half a pound per week is a danger zone.

The other thing that MIGHT help is to take a supplement called glucarate. Glucaric acid is already present in small amounts in our bodies and is found in certain fruits and vegetables. It enhances the process known as glucuronidation, a process by which the body rids itself of potentially dangerous carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Calcium D-glucarate is a form of glucaric acid, which is effectively utilized by the body. D-glucarate is a unique, nontoxic and natural substance found in both fruits and vegetables. Many studies have shown this substance to be highly protective against cancer.

Glucuronidation is a reaction where a toxin is made water-soluble so that it can be more easily excreted in the urine or bile.

In a general sense, calcium D-glucarate helps the body's process for eliminating harmful toxins and carcinogens that occur naturally (from things like tobacco smoke, pesticides and other foreign substances). In addition, calcium D-glucarate helps eliminate excess amounts of chemicals produced in the body that promote cancer, such as estrogens and androgens. With more of these substances eliminated, an individual may rid his or her body of some of the things that lead to cancer. So, yes, it may be a promising tool against cancer.

You can read more about d-glucarate in this interview with Dr. Thomas Slaga, who is the President/CEO and the Chair of the Center for Cancer Causation and Prevention at the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver, Colorado.

The reason I am blogging about this (again) is because I am so saddened by how many women here on Spark have lost some amazing weight, but then during the process or shortly thereafter, have been diagnosed with breast cancer.


1. S-L-O-W down your weight loss!!!!! Yes, even 4 to 8 ounces a week of loss is PLENTY if you want to keep it off and if you don't want to overwhelm your system with too much toxin and estrogen overload!!!!!!! Do NOT be discouraged to lose so little in a week! Be ENCOURAGED that you are losing weight the right way to stay healthy and cancer-free!!

2. Please look into taking a good d-glucarate supplement.

As I have been tracking this trend, the number of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer during or just after significant weight loss is growing. I really would like to get the word out about how dangerous losing weight too fast can be for women. This is serious, and it's real.

Why hasn't this fact made media headlines? Because the medical community does not want to discourage women from losing weight. They see obesity as more dangerous than breast cancer.

I say, lose weight, but do it so slowly that you won't have to deal with breast cancer! And use the d-glucarate supplement as extra "insurance". But the biggest key is to SLOW DOWN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS and keep your breasts healthy!
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