Zumba and YOGA kicked my butt!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Went to the gym last night to take in the Zumba class before yoga. The regular instructor couldn't make it so another from the other gym location came as a substitute.

Ximena (She said it's pronounces "hee MEYN ah" but with an X ) kicked my butt but good! This was no sub who went easy on the class. Ximena very helpfully said that if we found the class tough it was because it was probably the first class with 'her'. May-hap, or it could be that I hadn't been exercising regularly for a couple of weeks?

The lady behind me gamely kept going but at one point, hands on her knees, head dropped wearily, mumbled with a smile for the paramedics.

She rallied and triumphantly announced she didn't die at the end so thanked Ximena.

Then I had a 30 min wait until yoga. The hot yoga class let out so I got one of their chilled face clothes to help cool me down & recover.

Yoga class was small. Just 4 students (DH came). Another substitute teacher. And yoga kicked my butt! This one decided to work our abs and had us doing controlled leg lifts. Ack! emoticon

I had a GREAT sleep last night!

Well I packed a gym bag. Going to get outside at lunch. Even if it's just for a walk... a brisk walk. Maybe I'll jog a bit.
emoticon emoticon
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