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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I deactivated my Facebook account. I am embarrassed to admit how much time I spend on FB. Before I get out of bed in the AM, I check FB. I continue to check my friend feed while I'm in the bathroom. I read updates and look at pics while I make my tea. I do the same on my drive to work (yes, while driving). If something interesting has come up to follow, I will check FB on my phone MULTIPLE times throughout the day. When I was in school, I could easily follow stories and post and be involved throughout the day. At work, I don't have time, but I do check for updates during down time. When I get home, I actually sit down to write longer responses or shoot someone a message since I'm on my computer and not on my phone. Every time I get an alert that someone has commented on a post I also commented on, I check it. This goes on all evening. Finally, I check FB before I go to sleep. Sometimes, if I get up in the night to go to the restroom, I'll even take my phone with me for that 1 whole minute and check updates. I think if I add up the minutes spent throughout the day on FB, I'm easily at anywhere between 2 - 3 hours.

What could I be doing with 2 - 3 extra hours a day? In 1 hour, I could wash dishes and clean house. I could probably also fold a load of laundry or two in that time. In the other 2 hours, I could be working out, reading up on cases/staying current, I could be gardening or walking the dogs, I could be going through the piles of junk waiting to be sorted to Goodwill or storage...I could do a lot.

Just for kicks (since I'm a nerd and I love math) if I did spend that time working out instead of on FB, how much weight would I lose? Let's say I burn only 400 calories and hour and I create a deficit each day of only those calories (consume 1500, burn 400 or 800 or 1200).
1 hour - 400 calories --> 2,800 calories/week --> 145,600 calories/year = 41.6 pounds lost in a year. So I'd reach my goal in about 18 months --> EH, TOO LONG.
2 hours - 800 calories --> I'd reach my goal in 9.75 months --> SOUNDS GOOD!
3 hours - 1200 calorie (super excessive) --> I'd reach my goal in 6.5 months (mmm...this would be hard to do and I'd be miserable, most likely...but not an unhealthy loss, I think [2.5 lbs/week]) --> THIS SOUNDS HORRIBLE.

In other words, deactivating FB until I can control the urge is a good thing!

Today, for the first time in a LONG time, I went to the gym. But this time, I didn't wear the giant Drake T-shirt and baggy scrub pants, no make-up and looking like hell. This time, I decided to be the cute fat chick. Because I am cute, even if I have a "few" extra pounds, I can't see my toes, and I wear two sports-bras. I even, dare I say it, wore a SLEEVELESS shirt. People, that's kind of huge for me. I wear cardigans and long-sleeved shirts in 100-degree weather. I do NOT wear sleeveless things. You'll see in my pics that I did wear a striped black dress with capped sleeves a few years ago...DH sort of made me, and I was miserable. Even when we go to the lake I wear a t-shirt with sleeves and I have to be far away from people to strip down to a tank-top (let alone a swimming suit). I have issues with my arms. Hate them. Always have. I'm pretty sure this stems from my father telling me I have fat arms and calling me "big-butt" as a kid. You see, to some people a size 14-16 doesn't seem that fat, but when you're raised being told you're disgusting and fat your entire life, even a size ZERO would feel fat. But this time, I did it. I wore the sleeveless shirt. Mostly, because I am well aware that wearing giant clothes does not hide anything. Nobody is looking at me in that sleeveless, fitted shirt thinking, "WOW! I totally thought that chick was skinny when she was wearing giant, oversized T-shirts and huge pants!". Yep. I also wore make up and put my hair in a nice pony tail. I was the cute fat chick :)

I used my HR monitor for the first time and it was great! I did a 60-min, 3-mile, walk-jog on the treadmill followed by a 20-minute yoga class (Anytime Fitness has great "classes", which are actually videos that you can play and it's on a big screen and feels like you're in a class". I burned about 546 calories in total.

Today ended up being a good day. Yesterday was a bad day (a whole bar of Lindt white chocolate was only the beginning). Today DH and I had the day off together and I got him out of bed at 10 (he wanted to stay in bed all day and watch movies) and we went to Home Depot, Coastal Farms, Wal Mart, Costco, a fish store (the ornamental kind), an antique shop (I got a little bracelet for a $1) and a furniture store. We also had lunch in between: we went to a local family BBQ place. We split a plate of brisket and chicken (I probably had 1/3 of a thigh, no skin or bone and maybe 2 small pieces of brisket). As sides we had baked beans, macaroni and cheese, fries and potato salad. Not exactly the healthiest lunch. All together, though, we walked around those stores for about 6 hours not including lunch. He had to go to work and I went to the gym. So yeah, it was an active, busy day off and that feels good. I wish I could do that when I have the day off by myself but I usually clean, do laundry and snack all day. UGH.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty positive today and I guess I'll end it there!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You totally rock!!!!!!!!! To go cold turkey on FB like that when you were so deep into it. I'm not even as bad as you were, but I couldn't quit! I have friends all over the world, and I'd miss them too much. And that exercise you did! WOW! Just
    1554 days ago
    I totally understand - but you know, in the summer, you'll see all kinds of people in fewer clothes, and many of them are bigger than you. Seriously. So don't worry about your arms, or thighs (my issue), or your tush - be attractive, and you will feel attractive! And yes, you are cute! (And you are chubby - I reserve FAT for people over 300 lbs. We aren't there. Haven't been. Hopefully never will be!) We're the cute chubby chicks! (Well, I'm a woman, hard to be a chick over age 50, LOL!) But WE ARE CUTE! (Confusedbird, you are too!)
    1555 days ago
    I am the same weigh as you, I look and feel big at size 14/16. It sucks being short and condences. But on a good note, I am muscular. So at 157 where I am now people think I weigh in the 130's somehow lol I am just dense. Good for you hitting the gym in a tank top! I am sorry for what your dad said, that is awful!
    1555 days ago
    Hah, interesting...I've considered deactivating my FB account as well, but I'm the opposite. I'm hardly ever on there! Good for you on realizing it wasn't good for you to spend so much time on it....I wish you much success with all your goals!
    1555 days ago
  • DEANNAF2011
    It's true. I spend more time on spare than facebook. But that is a good thing since it is helping me with my weight issues.
    1555 days ago
    Great Blog
    1555 days ago
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