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I can see the strength in me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Part of my weight loss journey has been the discovery that I love to lift weights. It makes me feel so powerful; I don't bother with those stupid little 2 and 5 lb girlie weights (although I do own a single purple 5 lb hand weight, I don't use it) anymore, I lift as heavy I as I can!

It's paying off. Not only do I look better than I did (and honestly, though I've lost 21 lbs, thanks to the strength training, I look like I've lost more!) but I feel amazing. I love the burn... my husband thinks I'm nuts, but I really do love that rolling burn that slides down your muscles after finishing a particularly tough set.

And it's starting to show. I mean REALLY show! Today, I really noticed that my muscle tone has improved. I've lost enough weight now that the definition in my arms is showing! Sure, it's still a little pillowy, but when I flex, you can see it! Even though I've got some stuff that pokes out here and there, I've actually started wearing sleeveless stuff in the gym so I can see my muscles working, and show off those shoulders! Seriously, right now my guns are smokin'!

Check this out:

Wow. Thatsalotta freckles. ;)

It's not just that I can lift heavier... now I can actually see it. I conquered an unopened pickle jar the other day.

I wear more sleeveless shirts now, because I'm PROUD of my arms! I don't have to hide in enormous t-shirts anymore.

Do I still look pregnant? Not anymore. I haven't had anyone ask me when I was due in a while. I still have tummy fat... quite a bit of it. I'm not quite halfway to my goal weight. But having visible reminders of the fact that I AM doing something for my body, something GOOD? Helps. I'm not hanging my hat on the scale. This is a non-scale-victory, a NSV. The NSVs are more important to me than what the scale says. If I look good in my skin, feel good, and have the confidence to be in public?

THAT is what matters.
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