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Not used to this

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Since dropping some pounds, I realise, I'm so not used to this 'new' body of mine.

I had an argument with my daughter today and I raised up my hands and threw them back down after pointing at her and they hit hard on my hips. That's right, not on my stomach like they used to, because now the hips stick out more than the stomach. Or rather, the stomach has shrunk so it isn't sticking out that much.

I was out with my husband having dinner and while I sat, there isn't a lower stomach sitting on my thighs There was just the stomach and it seemed more like 1 segment rather than the 3 it used to be. And I can sit tighter. Does that make sense? When I sit, I pull myself all the way to the back of the chair and I have more space on the seat.

Oh yeah. The cinema seats have gotten bigger. Gosh. The seats are actually very generous. My butt has been so big that I was forever complaining the seats are very small.

I was lying on the bed on my side and the fat on my stomach which used to be prevent me from sleeping on my tummy is now gone and so I can actually sleep on my tummy now. Previously I got out of breath while sleeping on my tummy.

My pants are getting looser and so are my t-shirts. I got them all tailored to a smaller size today because I didn't want to throw them out yet.

When I sit on a chair, I can feel the butt bone. Is there such a thing? I only knew flesh on the butt. But yeah, there seems to be some bone in there and I can feel it.

My frens tell me I've lost weight and ask me what's the secret. I wish I could reply "There's no secret. Everyone actually knows how to lose weight. Less food + exercise = weight loss."

My mum tells me I look pale and asks if I've been eating well.

When I look in the mirror, I look thinner now. And since the mirror might have a different opinion from the camera, I take a photo and check if I look thinner and to my shock, I really do.

This fat mind of mine is still lingering around in a thinner body and I don't know how to deal with her. I'm not used to the weight loss. I'm not used to the compliments. I'm not used to the smaller clothes. All I knew were big clothes and junk food. Now that they're gone, I'm wondering what to cling on to.

Have you faced this before?

I'm gonna end with this. It really kept me motivated when I started out. It still motivates me actually.

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