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nutrition confusion...who do we believe?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

well... I am going through a bit of a spell here. I am an avid reader and have been reading about nutrition and nutrition related subjects since I was a teenager. So, almost 40 years later, I like to think that I've learned a thing or two. I have taken the best from vegetarianism, fruitarianism, volumetrics, slow food, Paleo and a brief time on Atkins. The Atkins diet did not work for me at all and I was off it within 2 weeks. I actually want to be vegetarian, preferably vegan, however, I developed a severe B12 deficiency after eating raw vegan for over a year or so and am now questioning how I can get B12 naturally from the foods that I eat.

I am at a point where I honestly believe that I do make the healthiest food choices for the most part, given the knowledge that I have, however, I know that I have not yet found my optimal diet. I am still trying. I am still reading and researching, tweaking my food choices, and at times, simply making the best choice that I can at any given moment in time. Lately, as my life has been busy, it has become a bit more difficult to make excellent choices. I am very aware of what I eat though and always do my best.

I just can't seem to figure out what it is that makes me want to eat that little bit more and what is keeping me stuck. Could it be the grains that I've started to incorporate back into my diet? Could it be the animal products? I honestly don't know. The last diet I read about was the "starch diet" where the author argues that we need to eat starches at each meal as it provides food for our brain. I seem to be at a point now where I'm thinking that nobody really knows what the optimal diet is and that each researcher can sway their stats and info to suit their purposes. In the past I've gone with what makes me feel the best or just give in to whatever I am craving at any particular moment in time and hope that it is exactly what my body needs.

I dream about finding that optimal mix of food, raw and cooked, that will help me achieve the body that I was meant to be inside. I am now trying to eat smaller meals and focus on not getting full... just being satisfied. This is quite the journey that I am on, I believe that we are all on. A journey of self discovery, trials and errors, and the odd revelation along the way. My sincere hope is that we all discover the best method of eating for our body type, the best type of foods that sit well with all of us, that nourish us in the best possible way (our bodies and our souls) and that we all settle in to a life time of enjoying this new way of eating so that it becomes simply a way of life.

I will never stop hoping that I will find my way.
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    I sincerely believe that different nutrition choices work for different people. There is no way that I could ever eat meat again. Vegetarian for 38 years now. I discovered as a teenager, that an inability to properly digest meat was responsible for my chronic, violent stomach aches.

    I've been down a couple of the paths you have: vegan, raw foods vegan, even tried the vegetarian Atkins diet (like you for 2 weeks). The Atkins diet was horrendous. I was constantly having muscle cramps so bad they'd keep me awake for several hours a night.

    No matter what I try, I always come back to vegetarian, with limited dairy & eggs. Though I do work to keep a high percentage raw, usually two meals per day plus snacks.

    B-12 is in nutritional yeast, which is a flavor I absolutely love. I put it on popcorn, baked potatoes, in soups.
    1973 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    You might be overthinking. I started South Beach Diet in 2003, followed it with few exceptions, exercised at least 30 mins 6 days a week, reached my goal and maintained +/- 5 lbs since. In 2003 my sister decided to research diets. She drifts from one to another, sometimes combining what she thinks is the best parts of several diets. Nine years later she knows details of nutrition and many diets but she doesn't know the joy of results.

    My thought is there is no optimal diet. Bodies like routines. Changing diets frequently confuses the body because it doesn't have time to adjust to a specific way of eating. Choose a nutritionally sound diet, any one will do, and do it with few exceptions (tiny cheats) for six months. Enjoy the process. After six months, continue that diet or choose another for six months.
    1973 days ago
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