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Chapter 3- "winning while losing" Turn Pain into Power!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The only thing we really have power over is our thoughts!

Emotional Pain is as much apart of life as pleasure and happiness. As long as you live you will have to deal w/it!

Think of neg emotions as growing pains. There is an amazing amt of freedom and power knowing you can work through and overcome pain instead of running away from it of numbing out w/food.

Step 3 teaches you how to turn your pain into power by healing the heartaches and resolving the issues that are stopping you from living your life to it's fullest!

The pain doesn't disappear w/the pounds. Losing wt isn't the magic solution for all your probs. and doesn't eliminate the reasons that led you to be overwt in the first place. Whatever made you want to overeat will affect you until you face it, resolve it, or at least learn to manage it. You can't maintain until you face the pain! The emotional pain inside comes up with you put the food down.

If you want to maintain your wt loss you have to work through the pain that you have always tried to numb away. The upside is everytime you succeed, it gets easier. The key is to figure out what you need to do and what works for you.

Some relationships get better w/your wt loss, some get worse, some end altogether. What you expect to happen w/others, and what really happens are usually very different. Losing wt doesn't solve relationship probs, and it doesn't magically give you experience and abilitys you didn't have before, but it can give you a new lease on life so you can work through old probs, handle new ones. and keep improving yourself.

Most people say they think differently, they feel differently, and sometimes their philosophy on life changes too. Introduce the new you to those around you. Accept the very few people will notice the changes you are making on the inside until they have a chance to see them over and over. They will not believe it until they see the new ways you behave and think. Don't try to prove anything to them, just be your new self and they will come to see it themselves.

People treat you the way you teach them and allow them to treat you! If you want respect , respect yourself.

Don't let one addiction lead to another, (common) To deal w/Pain from the past you need to find other ways to satisy your needs w/o replacing overeating w/distructive behaviors.

Turning Pain into Power is an ongoing process, and until the pain is gone you will have to practice other ways of taking care of your temptations and emotional needs. Find alternative ways to cope, sooth yourself, ex. baths, journaling, walks, any feel good rewards, find activitys that give you a sence of physical satisfaction and create good feelings.

To keep winning at wt loss, you've got to be more honest w/yourself than ever before! Recruit your winning team to help you.

When your heavy it's easy to attribute many of your probs on wt. Once you are losing it, all the skills "deficits" show up because you arn't trained in dealing w/things w/o eating to numb the feelings. You are taken by surprise when you realize how hard it is to live even when you are thin. When reality sets in we tend to blame ourselves and put ourselves down for having a difficult time dealing w/things. You must realize, you are trying to learn to handle things that others have had decades to learn how to manage, and you are learning these things w/o using what is your most reliable sense of comfort- overeating. You can't learn it all at once so don't critisise yourself, it slows down the learning process, and makes things more difficult.

It's important to find others in the same boat. be proactive by inviting people you admire and trust to be part of your maintance team. Those you love around you may think you have no reason to feel unhappy now the wt is going away. (you need others to share these things with who are going through the same thing) These people we love , are not the ones you want on your team. Recruit people who understand that probs don't disappear when the wt does, and keeping on the path of wt loss is forever going to require your complete commitment, strength, perserverance and their support. Share your goals and Game Plan w/them. Let them know your main team is very important to you.

Life itself can be overwelming- Learn the basic skills to get through a day w/o turning to food. "Disipline and Motivation" are the keys. Overeating is a symptom rather than a problem. Commit to turning Pain into Power to earn back your self respect.

Part 2 -Chap 3- coming next! Keep reading next blog! Be sure and print this for future use! as well as chap 1 & 2.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "People treat you the way you teach them ....." Oh this strikes a chord with me. We sacrifice so much for our kids and our loved ones and then we wonder why we never feel important enough. Like the times the family asks "what do you want to do Gramma" and you know it's not really what they want to do so you say something different. Sometimes I wonder if I know what it is I really want to do! I lost 'ME' somewhere over the journey and I'm trying to make a stand this time to define who I am and what I want - where I want to go. Great thought provoking article. Thanks Maci.
    2078 days ago
  • CATDUG19
    WOW and thanks. It's all too true that we over weight people look at thin people and tell ourselves that when we become thin we will have NO problems.

    This was a great blog so thanks for writing it!!
    2089 days ago
    Excellent blog!! I certainly see myself in here and I have much learning to do. I felt like I had made many of these things habit for about 9 months, but then I'm not sure what happened, but something did! I will look forward to Part 2 of chapter 3!! emoticon emoticon
    2090 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2012 5:07:44 PM
    This is a marvellous blog. This can help many folks. Thank you for sharing it.
    2090 days ago
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