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Last weeks Car accident.....just when i thought i was on "easy street'!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

..well actually it was a HOT and still very light evening..but this was the best image i could find for my introduction!

It happened saturday a week ago....while i was driving to work...going almost 60mph...because that is the speed limit on that highway...the person that hit me had came to a stop as he has to....since he was getting ready to enter the highway....and since there is a STOP sign....but when i got closer he all of a sudden started driving.... and....hit me right on!!! emoticon

The moment right after a crash are very eery......the first thought that went through my head was "I am going to die today".....which made me really sad...because i am NOT done living yet!!!!.....then there is total silence...the dust from both of my airbags that had exploded was all over the inside of my windshield was shattered...i was thrown to the left front of my car...YES i had my seatbelt on....i couldn't breathe...but every Breath i was able to do hurt like the point that i thought my ribcage was broken....i finally made the decision to 'just get out' even though i remembered that one should stay case the neck was hurt.....but all i wanted to do is get some air...i was able to open the door...and then i must have went into shock....because i started to scream and cry at the same time.....there is a small airport where the accident happened...but there was no traffic at the time....

.....i heard the guy in the other car on the phone....calling 911...and then he shouted:" Ma'am are you ok?"
I am blaming my reaction on the shock....because i answered: He$# no I'm not ok!!" (Yes i know..HOW rude of me!!) but it just kinda' came out......sorry....

A couple of cars had stopped by now...and two or three men asked if i needed of them said: "Let's get you out of the car......and come sit with me on the side of the street away from the car"....he started making conversation and asking me my name and where i was the point of me looking at him and thinking: "Really??!! You asking me silly questions..and i just been in a wreck!!!"
He must have interpreted my LOOK right because he apologized and said: "I know you don't feel like talking much...but i just want to distract you until the ambulance gets here" (Awwww...)
When the ambulance came he got up...said 'Hope you will feel better real soon' and walked off....and I called after him...'What is your name?" and he answered 'Michael'...i said: 'Thank you so much Michael'
I know he is NOT here on Spark...and he most likely was a Soldier..(i live in a Military community) but i want to say 'Thank you' again....what a sweet and caring guy.....

There is a hospital barely a mile that is why the ambulance didn't take long.....and police arrived also......probably the same police car i had just watched a few minutes my rear view mirror when i passed the gas station .....(you know you do that too!!!!! Even though you know you wasn't speeding!!! emoticon )

I was checked and then taken to the ER...I sure didn't want to go....but i couldn't breathe without feeling as if someone was putting a knife into my my pinkie on my left hand was sticking all the way out....and was "gaining weight" just looking at it!!!
At the hospital i got x-rayed..... it was determined that my pinkie was fractured...but no broken ribs or anything else.....but i had chest concusions(SP?)......the nurse said that i will feel worse in the following days....and 'Boy was she right'!!!! emoticon

My breathing got better after about 2hrs..and it didn't hurt too..too...much anymore....

The next day i saw the 'other damage' on my body.....nasty purple bruises on my whole lower stomach (from the seatbelt) .....on my right boob knees...and my right forearm was whole body was aching..and sore!

But you know what??Shortly after the accident... I prayed immediately to say 'Thank you'...thank you that i am still here...and that i am only hurt a could have been worse emoticon emoticon

All last week i was busy with doctor Physician...Chiropractor... who also took x-rays and there is some damage from the accident..for which i already started therapy....3x a week for at least 2months i was told.....i also went to get a lawyer...on suggestion from other people....and because i never ever got a call from the other guy's insurance company...i didn't even get a rental car!! And when the adjuster finally called me back on wednesday he told me 'that the company hasn't taken liability yet' .......SERIOUSLY??!!....... Even though the police report already said that it was his fault and even had charged the guy with failure to yield!!!

But i know that is how it works.....i am the one that obeys traffic laws...but i am guilty..until proved wasn't my fault....i am the one that got 'hit' and 'hurt' but i now have all the hassles....

The other driver by the way didn't get hurt.....which is good...i am glad he was ok.....

To add insult to injury...on friday evening...while walking back into my living room.....i stubbed(SP?) my right foot against the wooden leg of my hurt so bad...that i cried...and the pain would not go away.....i placed an icepack on it....but there are bruises....and one toe is swollen.....i am now thinking: Is this for real????!!!!!

The next morning..i wasn't able to walk on it.....and was limping around.... a couple of people suggested that the toe is broke......which i totally REFUSE to believe......(yes i am very stubborn!!!)

I could have asked the Orthopedic to x-ray it yesterday...but i am too embarrassed...and he couldn't do anything anyhow.....but tell me...keep it taped to the next i look like this now: well....not exactly....i don't have a bird that is able to hold an umbrella over my foot!! emoticon

I went back to work on saturday.....but i am able to sit on my bootie...until i feel better...which is a good thing..i guess.....because i am very upset at myself for stubbing my toe.....if i would have been more careful....i could have at least do some walking for exercise....but the way it looks right now...i am out of commission for at least a month emoticon which totally sucks.....because by then i will be all rusty again.....aarrrrrrrrrggghhhhhh
hhh..and have to start over!!!

All i can do now is carefully watch what i eat.....and stick to the basics!!
Yesterday i had some greek yogurt..with blueberries and peaches for lunch....and for omelette (1 yolk..3 egg whites) with tomato and a little..itsy bit cheese..and a sweet potato...topped with some greek yogurt!
It was pretty good emoticon

I will now leave you with a little MOTIVATION..... emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • v JANIE724
    Awww, Taty - I'm so sorry! You'll feel better soon, I promise. Your mind will overcome anything as long as you think positive!

    Trust me, the 'other side' never admits wrong. It was wise to get a lawyer. What if you have problems in the future? What if your health insurance doesn't want to cover something? How about deductibles, and mileage, and over the counter pain medication? If your attorney didn't tell you, keep a log every day - and go back to the very first day to start from the beginning. Track your pain, how you feel, what you did that day, your expenses, your mileage driving to doctor appts and such, and what EVERYONE tells you (including your attorney, their adjuster, your doctors, etc.) This may come in very handy down the road, but it will be too late to start. You have to start NOW! It will make you feel better, too, when you look back and realize how far you've gone forward.

    1406 days ago
    Taty - thank goodnes you are safe. Thank goodness we have you still around to cmmunicate with. Thank You Jesus for Keeping Taty safe. Yes she has some injuries - but it could have been much worse. Jesus still has a job for you to do on earth yet Taty.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Jesus plz continue to heal Taty. Plz provide wisdom to her caregivers in how things need to be repaired. Plz provide the funds for her expenses. In Your name Jesus I pray this amen.
    1424 days ago
    I am so very sorry to hear about this terrible accident, but so very happy that you are OK. By that I mean able to heal in a few weeks or months.
    You know it does seem like the one who causes the accidents always gets away with not getting hurt & not dealing with the fact they caused a lot of pain & grief for someone.
    I really don't know what is wrong with a lot of people these days. They just can't seem to own up to their responsibility.
    Hope you feel much better so very soon.
    emoticon emoticon
    1429 days ago
    So sorry you were in an accident! I bet the guy was on his phone!! I see so many close calls anymore due to phones! So Happy you didn't get worse injuries! When you get a new car - I would stay with what you had-sounds like a good solid car!! Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery! Hope the attorney gets things going for you and you don't have too many problems and if you sue-aim high $$$$. emoticon
    I love all the illustrations by the way, especially the 4% one! Good attitude! emoticon
    1430 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2012 12:56:49 AM
    I'm so sorry for your injuries. Thank God for Michael! Your sense of humor is awesome! Get well! Love you bunches!
    1432 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/29/2012 7:20:24 PM
    Your sense of humor is gonna see you through the tough times - you are so funny! I was in an accident where I lost the end of a finger and sprained my ankle and toes. The injury to my foot hurt a heck of a lot more than the finger amputation did! It's the little things that take on big proportions.

    Hang in there, it will get better.
    1433 days ago
    I have been away and I'm sorry I didn't reply to your SP goodie message. I am SO GLAD that you are okay! I mean, you're not okay, but you're okay. (((HUGS))) I am sorry that you went through all of that and you have to heal more. WOW. Please let me know if you need anything, even if it's just someone to listen. I'm thinking of you and sending lots and lots of gentle hugs! emoticon
    1434 days ago
  • v KISHU1
    Taty ! What a wonderful attitude you have in the face of such an awful thing to have happened. Take care of yourself !!I am so sorry that you had to go through such a traumatizing event!!..and good for you to be so positive and put smiles on our faces at your humour when we want to reach out and hug you and take away your pain!!! emoticon
    1434 days ago
    Oh girl, you never cease to amaze me! How do write such a good blog about such a crappy thing???!!! What other talents are you hiding from me? I guess you had me with Snoopy saying......"it was a dark and stormy night" are hilarious!!! You know i love you to pieces and i am so thankful to God for keeping you in one piece!! I would also like to thank Michael....the kindness of strangers makes my heart grow a little! emoticon I think Melissa may be right about why you went and stubbed your toe....take it easy and watch your calories closely and you will be up and at 'em in no time!!
    1434 days ago
    So sorry you HAD a car accident: so glad you are alive and recovering.

    And . . . thanks for your comments on my eating disorders blog. So impressive that you just ignored that yucky buffet!! Yay us!!
    1435 days ago
  • v BRAVEONE92
    Sounds a whole lot like my car accident
    in 2003. I sure have suffered permanent
    damage to my body from it. Praying that
    you will heal back soon and will completely
    mend. Your toe may be broke. I did the
    same thing, & a week later had my toe
    xrayed, it was broken. I wore a walking
    boot for a long time. Better get it checked
    out. Insurance Co. are slow in processing
    claims. Try to be patient, tho it's hard.
    1435 days ago
    Oh, my poor friend!! What a beating you took both physically and mentally from that car accident. So, I'm thinking, maybe that stubbed toe didn't come from you being careless, but God insuring you took it easy as your body heals? I really do believe everything happens for a reason. I don't always know that reason, but... Get the orthapedist to check that toe out.... People stub their toes every day. It is nothing to be ashamed of! Furniture is always jumping out in front of my toes! They are looking pretty beat up right now as a matter of fact. Rest and recuperate! I'm giving you a very gentle hug to show you love and support! Take care!
    1435 days ago
  • v NEWNAC304
    I am so glad you weren't hurt worse! I hope you feel better soon and the insurance company doesn't give you too much grief. Hugs!
    1435 days ago
    1435 days ago
    HUGS and hope you end up with no lasting effects from the accident. So frustrating when you follow the rules and yet you end up without the compensation you deserve.
    1435 days ago
    Wow! I missed your toe being hurt too!
    I'm praying the process of the insurance, etc goes quickly. I know this is a real frustrating time.
    I'm so glad it wasn't worse!
    Had to wonder if Michael's last name was "Archangel"! It is such a blessing when someone will take the time to be an angel to those in need. We have experienced that over and over. I always pray God will bless them for their act of kindness.
    Hab dich sehr lieb u. schoen das es dich gibt!!!! emoticon
    1435 days ago
  • v ABB698
    Taty, glad you are alive and safe, even though you're bruised up and in pain :( Sending hugs and prayers your way! emoticon
    1435 days ago
    I am glad that you are okay... or sort of okay... and that it wasn't worse!
    1435 days ago
  • v NEW-CAZ
    Tatty sounds like you had a guardian angel watching over you hun, so glad you're here to tell the tale and I hope you feel much better very soon.
    Take care of yourself hun, luv yer emoticon
    1435 days ago
    Sorry about your accident. Thank goodness you're OK.
    1435 days ago
  • v SWAZY33 sorry that you had to go through all that and NOW all the aggravation of dealing with insurance companies and therapy...all because some idiot couldn't just stop at his stop sign! that is so frustrating!
    hope you feel a lil better each day and that all your bruises are starting to fade.
    1435 days ago
  • v -POOKIE-
    Oh my, well Im glad things where not worse!

    Please take care of yourself
    1435 days ago
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