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That was then, this is now

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I went to one of my events, and being me, started reading slogans on T-shirts. This one struck me: "Your workout is OUR warm-up".

Well, I could rephase that: "today's workout is tomorrow's warm-up". Or "Yesteryear's workout is today's warm-up".

Seriously, fitness is cumulative. Beginners, take heart if all you can do right now is something a "real" exerciser would just use as a warm-up. Someday, if you keep at it... it WILL be your warm-up.

It is now Summertime, for real. Temperatures are climbing into the 90's (F) and threatening to top the century mark tomorrow. Today was a running day, and not wanting to run in the after work 90's temperatures, I cajoled my body out of bed and out the door.

I did my full 9-minute warm up - 5 minutes brisk walk, followed by a minute jog, minute walk, twice, then started "running easy". The training plan said I was supposed to run 9 minutes, walk 45 seconds for the remainder of the run... I had not been doing the walking breaks, but this morning I decided I would give them a nod... and put in 30 second walking breaks at those spots.

Deal is: as I was running, being me, those random thoughts popped into my head. It dawned on me that things about my thought pattern related to the run have changed!

What's your thought / motivation when you look at your watch, for example? Used to be, I was thinking .oO(OMG, how much longer do I have to keep doing this before a break?) This morning, I found myself thinking .oO(I have X minutes left... how much farther can I go in that time?)

And I noticed something: my breathing was easier. And I found myself experimenting with lengthening my stride. Focusing on running quietly (something my trainer mentioned last winter).

And when I got to the end of the run, into the cool-down walk, it dawned on me I felt GOOOOD! I may be making the turn from jogger to runner? Is that even possible? Time will tell!

In any case, life is good here with the patriotic oats and the Spark coffee mug. Hope it's the same with all of you! Spark on! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • SHARON10002
    I find myself in wondering how long before it's over - haven't turned that corner. . .
    2096 days ago
    "life is good here with the patriotic oats and the Spark coffee mug" - glad to hear it my friend - sounds like every day you are getting stronger and I shall join you soon!
    2096 days ago
    Envy you there... I have to admit that however consistant I have become in walking running or swimming I have never got to the point of chnged thinking, I just want it to be done, I just donĀ“t like cardio!

    Happy for you!
    2096 days ago
    emoticon Yes, it is amazing when I realize how much my Thought Process has changed!! It is kind of hard to believe taht it is ME!!
    2096 days ago
    What an inspiring blog! So cool that you have become so fit! Loved your comments on my eating disorders blog too, thank you!
    2096 days ago
    You go girl!
    2097 days ago
    Exercise--it can be fun! What a good thing.

    Feels good.

    And good to be open to a new point of view about it.

    Thanks for posting!
    2097 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Oh wow - I relate. Last year, I was biking at a 1 and 2 resistance - this year, I am on 4 and plan on being at level 5 by July 1st (right around the corner. The one and two is now my warm up...

    Progress is being made on all fronts.

    Woop - Woop - Woolp!
    2097 days ago
  • SHEILA-45
    WOW! I hope to be where you are someday... I'm still in the walking mode. Your enthusiasm is contagious! WOO-HOO! emoticon
    2097 days ago
    YES! I power walk and my thought in the beginning -- P-L-E-A-S-E let this be over soon as I'd look @ my watch. Quit wearing my watch for awhile. My thoughts gradually turned to be much like yours! Ho much farther can I make in the time frame! Now I can wear the watch for the RIGHT reasons.

    Love your sense of adventure and perseverance. You can do it!!
    2097 days ago
    Yea Barb! It looks like you have indeed turned a corner!
    2097 days ago
    It holds true that if we don't look over our shoulders once in a while to see where we started out from, nothing ever seems like "enough". But taking the time to evaluate where we started from, where we are now and where we are headed is hugely important! It gives a snapshot of reality ... Keep up your fabulous work! By the way, I loved the "run 9 mins" and then take a walk break cycle. It made the 1/2 not so grueling!
    2097 days ago
    These changes you are experiencing are awesome! I love it when that happens. Yesterday when I visited friends at the building where I worked just 3 weeks ago (they have vacated now), I noted that I walked up 3 flights of stairs without the slightest twinge. 3 years ago that activity was a struggle. It's the small things that were once gigantic that add up to fitness - thanks for the reminder!
    2097 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Isn't it awesome to be fit and fabulous?? You rock!!
    So agree with culmulitive fitness :) When I was in Radium Hot Springs, I did four hikes up a steep mountain (its near the top in the middle of the mountains so not much choice lol) and just getting up to our hotel room meant climbing up a steep incline. My Mom said she had soreness in her calves the first two days she was there. The old guy who owned the motel took one look at me and thought I would be hurting the next day too, (I was tired from my usual lack of sleep, not the hikes) but I wasn't, not even a twinge :) All those step classes had paid off! But one error my Mom makes is she never stretches after a hike, and I wasn't going to make the same mistake.
    I do so envy you the freedom of jogging/running as that is something I will never be able to do, as its too hard on my joints. I make due with my short bursts of high intensity cardio to give me that rush :)
    Enjoy your wonderful body and have a great day!
    2097 days ago
    Love your enthusiasm...and yes, it is progressive & my outlook as changed as I've progressed along my healthy journey...thanks for sharing....what's your background Pic??? emoticon
    2097 days ago
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