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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sometimes it takes me a little while to get into the swing of things. I do better if I whittle away at things, a bit at a time. That’s the way it was with exercise. I started slow; now it’s a nice, steady habit (Day 447 of the streak, yo). Right now, I’m working on getting a better grip on the food/nutrition part, because I’d like to get to my Wonder Woman goal this summer. I’ve been blogging about it--you know, share the process, share the progress.

I just finished the third week of planning menus, shopping lists, and tracking. Woo to my hoo. This is an epic achievement, I kid you not. The “plan on the weekend, shop on Monday” thing is working. And hubs has noticed the change in the budget too. I’m averaging about $7 a day per person, which is pretty good, in our book. Sometimes, there are extra kids around here too, so we stretch things even further. Overall, it’s less than we were spending with the “wing it and run to the store every day” plan. So, that’s a nice bonus.

Here’s my next thing to work on--staying in range. I’ve noticed that I nibble more, now that I’m spending more time in the kitchen. Eating while cooking and then eating some more, is not the best plan. LOL. I’ve been at the high end, or a little over my range, tracking-wise. That’s probably why the scale has moved up a little, rather than down, since I started this new phase. No need to freak out. I just need to tweak my system a little more. I can do that. So, this week, I’m going to stay the course, but focus on a few extra things. I’m going to plan lower calorie snacks and I’m going to chew gum while I’m cooking. I’m going to try tracking as much as I can, ahead of time, so I won’t be surprised at the end of the day. Eventually, I’d like to stay towards the lower end of my range. I’m going to work my way down there.

Life is a learning process. That’s what makes it so interesting. Hope you’re having a Sparktacular weekend!

Now that I'm cooking more, I find myself picking up cool little slicey dicey kitchen gadgets at the store.

Putting this pic that Audrey took back up, because I think it looks like I'm magically floating in my hoop. Yeah, that's my new trick--hoop levitation. I'm a pro. I just noticed that Gunner photo bombed again. LOL
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