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Update on car wreck...

Friday, June 22, 2012 is my update in answer to many who have asked.

~ Last Sunday evening was Father's Day, my daughter's 8th birthday, and the date of a wreck we will not soon forget.

~ BUT God. ( ....I love those 2 words....don't you? )

~ I give God ALL the Glory & Praise for bringing us through this traumatic event almost untouched. He lifted us out of an extremely dangerous place, and set us down with care. He has established our goings with perfect care. His love radiates all around us, and He strengthens us through the challenges He allows us to pass through.

~ Except for mild whiplash and several bruises, I am doing quite well. Joshua's lacerations are healing quickly and neatly. His staples will be removed next week. His energy level & appetite are almost back to normal. His "normal" is pretty HI Energy! LOL!!
...guess he takes after his mother...hee-hee! emoticon

~ The driver's insurance company covered everything. Every medical bill, a new conversion van to replace our totaled van, and more was covered in a liability settlement. I am so grateful. We are still dealing with our children being fearful of riding in automobiles, but that will take time. Each day they are less fearful, and with prayer and love, they will overcome time.

~ More than anything, this "storm" in our life has been used by the Lord for GOOD. He used a negative and made something beautiful out of He ALWAYS does!

~ Children during the VBS were touched at how God saved us....the lesson that night had been on 'David slaying the Giant in his life'. It touched the crowd of children this week of how BIG our God IS!

~ We slayed a pretty BIG giant that night ourselves. God's Grace is enough!

~ I know that the seat belts left their mark...a mark that reminds us of how our lives were spared. And, yes, the airbags did their job too.
Our lives were spared...I am thankful.

~ BUT my greatest share is how God equipped us for this time in our lives.
His Word is our armor, Praise is on our lips, He has placed a song in our hearts & praise Him -- we did as we left the totaled van....we were praying out loud.
He has placed thanksgiving in our hearts in every circumstance we find ourselves in. I am not a person who panics. It has been my experience that looking to God works 100% of the time.
I am a believer that EVERY cloud has a silver lining.

~ As long as Jesus is with me and He is! ( He promises to never leave me nor forsake me ) ...I can walk through anything. As long as He walks with me.
Such Peace! ...and Trust! Isn't God SO emoticon !!!

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