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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ok so two very random thoughts in this quick blog.

1.) Some people really need to stop being so freakin negative and judgmental. And I know I can sometimes fall into this category as well so I'm disappointed in myself as well. friend Kara who I go to bootcamp with is super fit. She has amazing abs and amazing arms and she's just super tiny. But when she started her healthy lifestyle she had a goal she wanted to get to weight wise and she finally reached it!!! So our trainer posted her before and after pictures on facebook because she's been working at it for a really long time. Mind you she was only trying to lose 8 lbs. Well people who probably doesn't even know Kara have been making comments like "all for health and fitness, but the curvy body to the left is much sexier and more beautiful. why lose 8 lbs?" and "maybe you shouldn't have posted this...really skinny...almost looks unhealthy"

Ugh it just makes me so angry because I know Kara. I know how beautiful of a person she is inside and out. I know she hasn't been doing anything drastic to reach her goals and I know how fit she is and how ridiculously hard she has worked to get there. I get it, it's facebook, you have to be prepared for peoples comments. But why can't those people just stay away if they don't like something?!? Kara is a super confident person but these types of comments would get to anyone and bring them down a notch when she's trying to celebrate something she's been working extermely hard to accomplish!!!!!!!

I encourage people to support each other in whatever journey someone decides to do and not bring negative energy where it's not needed!

2.) Thought number two is totally random and I can't completely remember it right now so I'll have to finish it later. BUT..there is an ad on the radio right now with Lil Jon and he's talking about people thinking he's different but he's not trying to be different, he's just trying to be himself and more great stuff. Now I normally don't take advice from Lil Jon but I do actually love what he has to say in the ad and I'll try to actually share it with you next time I hear it. :)
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    Ugh some people are so judgmental! I can't even stand it. Some people just look for the negative in everrrrrything, ugh. It makes me disgusted. Butttt we just have to use that negativity to kick butt even more, ya know? If I know someone is doubting me and if I can do THIS, I'm going to use that to bust my ass harder! I'm sorry for your friend though. ugh.

    2074 days ago
    Some folks just don't know how to let others shine. So sad.
    2074 days ago
    on #1...oh good grief...the snarky people need to realize that the person in question is not very likely to be losing weight to make someone else happy/turned on/whatever, they're doing it for their own person if they think the b4 pic is "sexier"...who gives a flying crap? everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the only opinion that matters is the person who's losing the weight. ALSO: No-one is entitled to judge what constitutes the "best" version of a person except for that person. So, congratulate the person for reaching their goals, for their hard work and consistency, for their bravery in posting b4 & after pics on a public forum, for providing inspiration if they have inspired you, and move along.

    (ah, end rant now...can you tell this topic is a pet peeve of mine? haha!)
    2074 days ago
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