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My Vision Collage

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I made my vision collage today. It's a collage of pictures of things that represent how I'd like myself and my life to be. Things I put on it:

a woman doing a handstand (healthy and strong with a butt that's as fab as hers is!)

flowers (there's always room for flowers in my life)

a butterfly (to symbolize my creativity)

a naked woman, strategically posed to hide her girl parts, of course (I'd like to comfortable with my body when I'm naked)

a woman in a pretty dress and heels (self explanatory, right?)

a healthy dinner (another self explanatory one)

a picture of a crabapple tree in bloom (to symbolize enjoying nature more)

a picture of a pretty kitchen (to symbolize order and cleanliness)

a jar of pink lemonade (choosing healthy and tasty drink options)

a woman goofing off wearing headphones and roller skates (to symbolize being more in touch with my playful and fun loving side)

a picture of two women lounging at the beach in Adirondack chairs (being comfortable in a swimsuit, comfy at the beach and also comfortable having good female friends)

a picture of some tins filled with spices (cooking with spices instead of fats)

and a picture of a woman in pretty, casual clothing who looks comfortable in her own skin


Well, I think that's about it. I'm really excited about how it turned out. I have it hanging on the side of the fridge so that I can be inspired all day long... and also so that I can see it before I choose to open the fridge door and stuff my face with something not good for me. I think it's in the most visible place in the house (at least as far as waking hours go). I'm looking forward to being inspired and motivated by it again and again and again.
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