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Pittsburgh Challenge (like the Amazing Race:-) Pics galore!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Sis (TEE803) & I opted for the Pittsburgh Challenge instead of the Urban Dare this year.


We got there early on Sunday. We remembered how long the registration lines got last year. We packed our healthy lunches like good SparkPeeps:-)

Look how cute we were this year! lol

For some reason Baby Sis was a wreck before the race. I couldn't figure it out.
1. She had done one of these before.
2. She was in way better shape.
3. She had started jogging.
I told here it was just pre-race jitters like most of us get. I calmed her down:D
Who cares how fast she can run? She knows where EVERYTHING in Pittsburgh!!!!!

LOTS of cute groups & costumes this year!

The gang from the movie "UP!" (Doug the Dog was somewhere. lol)

You could have as many people as you wanted in a team, unlike the Urban Dare of 2 people.

So now, let the fun begin!

All team captains got in a huge circle. We held out our hands until we were handed a white envelope. The we had to hold up the envelope until everyone got one.

Everyone counts down. 10...9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4.... 3.... 2... 1!
All the envelopes gets ripped open. I made sure I had a pen! We learned from last year that it was best to figure out the clues first as best as we could. You can use your smartphone and phone a friend. Reading for context is VERY important.

Then my sister uses her shuttle driver mentality of starting out at the furthest clue.

Two HUGE shout outs!
1. To my sister's old co-worker, Ben. Wow, does he have LOTS of local knowledge!
2. The riverwalk with the Canadians during Just A Short Run weekend.

On the way to the furthest point we found...

"While the NBA & MLB are in full swing now, we prefer the amateurs- find ANY college sports fan wearing a hat, jersey, shirt, etc and take a photo with them mimicking the sport their team plays- as long as it's not a fellow racer.

UNC Basketball

"In As You Like It, the Bard says "All the World is a stage"... and we intend to prove it to you. Find any appropriate stage, theater, performance hall, etc that's not within 100 yards of any other clue site. Actually getting on the stage is great, but outsie on the sidewalk is far more likely! Once there, along with at least one stranger or other Challenge team, act out your favorite scene from stage or screen!"

Here's the Chorus Line kickline with some of the Runaway Brides:D

"Wow, the 4000+ of these guys & gals sure are a sight! While it's not the FURthest clue you'll complete today, it will almost definitely be the wackiest photo of the bunch. No additional instructions necessary to liven this up, just be sure to capture at least TWO of them in the shot. "


"Father's Day is today-- Don't forget! This is our free-form clue, where we simply want you to be as creative as possible. Find your interpretation of a Father-related spot/item/landmark and capture it with your team- as long as it's across at least one bridge from the start line!"

(Ok. Only golf would had been for our father, biking would have to do!)

"While the confluence of rivers are all the rage in these parts, to compete this clue, you'll need to find any stranger from a US state that has any ocean shore. When you locate them, take a photo with them making the shape of their state with your team's arms. Take a photo of the top half of their license to prove you found them. (It's best to cover up their address.)"

"It's unclear whether there are fakes out there requiring this dining establishment to lay claim to being the "original." When you locate it, you'll be delighted to know that the chef there has whipped up a tasty cantaloupe gazpacho for each and every Challenger who's interested in a taste. While partaking is not required, you do need to take a photo proving you make it! You'll know you're in the right spot when you can see clue #3 easily!"

P.S. YUCK!!! emoticon

We're finally to the furthest point!

"Unlike the oh-so-boring "PIT", find this transit center that goes by the hipper code "PGH." While it's not as busy as it once was, to say the least, it's still got a little bit of grandeure to show off from its bygone era. Once there, find its most distinctive feature- the massive rotunda that was designed to be large enough for carriages to turn around while still covered. With the small clock in the background, spell out PA (2 person team) or PGH (3 or more) in your team's photo."


"Wow, so many choices, choices, choices.: take a photo with any ONE fo the following: a live horse, any out of state license plate whose license number contains a W, X, Y or Z, a Segway or shaking hands with a dog."

Found one! No one around to take our pic. STRETCH!

"There are 2 separate sculptures that you can pose with to fulfill this clue, and they're happily near each other, though you'll have to hunt around a little bit to find them very near this massive structure. One's a likeness of originally chosen for this role because it "was the most powerful animal that once roamed western PA."

"Pittsburgh's got such rich & storied sports history. For this clue, find the spot where the very first World Series was played. There's just a marker left there today- but that's not your target for the photo. Jump as far onto the adjacent cascading fountain as your team dares, and an exuberant photo with the dramatic skyline backdrop behind you!"

A very nice tourist took this for us:D


"This clue can only be completed after 2:30 pm- and we're watching! And speaking of watching, while there may not be a show more universally identified with American children, only a few people know that he got his start on Canadian Broadcasting. Find the "he" and snap a photo with him!"

There's a line to get the pic of Mr. Rogers from the front. Tracy & I decide to take the shot from the side!


We did it! We finished! No time deductions for clue or locations deductions!

Here's our Finish Line Ticket Info:

Place: 94
Time: 1:19:29

There's well over 300 teams! We're in the top 1/3!!!!! WAY before lots of 20somethings!

Post race noms at the Twisted Kilt. (Walking Porn serving food. lol)

The "4 Score & 7 clues Ago" team was there:-)

We shared dessert:D

So, FUN, FUN, FUN! We're so very proud of ourselves:D
(AND my brain & eyes stayed together!)


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
NOSUGARADDED87 7/6/2012 3:36AM

    At "PS: Yuck!", I fell out of my chair. Too funny!

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JANICEMC 6/25/2012 1:18AM

    What fun Lynn! Thank you for sharing all those pics. This was no ordinary race! You guys looked so cute.

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HIKETOHEIGHTS 6/24/2012 3:43PM

    I just love this whole blog. Love the costumes, the food & the fun that you guys had shows on your faces with those huge smiles!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CATLOVER110 6/24/2012 2:44AM

    Wow, that really looks fun! Congrats to both of you for doing it! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about it and seeing your pictures.

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MAGGIE805 6/23/2012 8:43PM

    That looks like so much fun!!! Awesome job, ladies!

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ANNERBEES 6/23/2012 7:32PM

    This looks like a blast!! What a great blog and I love all the pics! You two look great and by the does that last desert!!! YUM!!!!! I would love to do one of these races!!! emoticon

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FLGIRL_4EVER 6/23/2012 11:36AM

  That looks like so much fun. What a blast and what an amazing memory to have with your sis. Proud of you both!

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RENDENWOLF 6/22/2012 4:09PM

    That looks like so much fun!! We need something like this in Jacksonville!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GAYEMC 6/22/2012 2:08PM

    Looks like a blast! Thanx for sharing the pics.

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    Looks like a fun type of race.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SLASALLE 6/21/2012 6:16PM

    That looks like it was so much FUN, FUN, FUN. Are you ready for this? I'm CONSIDERING signing up for the Maniac Obstacle 5K Run October 27th here in Kansas City. 20 obstacles (climbing walls with rope, going under barbed wire in the mud, jumping over fire, etc.).

I'm thinking this is a very worthy goal for somebody who will turn 54 (no, it just cannot be true) in September!!!!

Wish my sister would come here from LA to do it with me, but not her style!!!

You guys look great!!!


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BUFFALOKAY 6/21/2012 11:03AM

    Wow! That really looked like fun. Proud of your efforts!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CARILOUIE 6/21/2012 9:52AM

    This looks like so much fun! I love the pics.

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NUTZ4HARRY 6/21/2012 9:09AM

    That was awesome. I would love to know what some of the landmarks were. I haven't been to Pit in a long time.

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CASSIOEPIA 6/21/2012 8:48AM

    This looks like so much fun. And I'm super happy that I got to be included as a helper (one of your Canadians who you toured on the RiverWalk). Glad to be of help!


Congrats on your top 100 finish!

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TIGGER622 6/21/2012 6:19AM

    OH WOW!!!!! how FUN was that?!?!?!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOO-SHAY 6/21/2012 12:40AM

    WOW! How cool, It really lookedlike a lot of fun!

emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JANTWO 6/21/2012 12:21AM

    Cute pictures!!!! Looks like a fun time!!!!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 6/20/2012 11:59PM


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APED7969 6/20/2012 11:24PM

    That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the great photos!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEE803 6/20/2012 10:43PM



There isn't anyone else in the world I would rather do these things with!!!

Love you!!!


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    This looks really cool! My sister and I are doing a Great Urban Race in Philly this year, and we're really excited. I went to school in Pittsburgh, though, so your pictures made me nostalgic! Great job!

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BILLALEX70 6/20/2012 10:02PM

    Looks like yinz had a great time!

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SHEENADEE 6/20/2012 9:42PM


This looks like so much fun and I'm so glad you and your sis got to do it together. I'm afraid I would still be wandering around your fair city looking for things. LOL

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your day with us.

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