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Missing those crackers and soda when tummy bug hits!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What does a natural foods eater consume when a tummy bug hits? Had not thought about this question but when I encountered quite a tummy bug for about 24 hours I had a difficult time figuring out what to eat. Missing my crackers and soda, for sure! I ended up trying a banana initially which managed to keep me sustained for much of the day. Mid afternoon I had a very small baked potato with a few scallions on top for flavor and realized just how dry potato can be without my sour cream topping! (I avoided dairy in the past but usually did a dollop of sour cream on my potatoes and LOVED it. Times have changed!) I ended up eating some artichoke late that night when I thought I might try something and my daughter had steamed some. Made it through half of one before the stomach said otherwise. Today I ventured to make a small (half size) smoothie with just a little almond mik, one banana, and a few blueberries thrown in for breakfast. This afternoon I opted to try some brown rice, not something I had added to me diet yet but decided it was my safest bet with a stomach that was still talking to me often. Mixed it with a spoonful of black beans for flavor and so far so good! I am amazed how full that cup of brown rice makes me feel! Also a nice change from the veggies and fruits.

Down now about 13.5 pounds in 14 days. (Keeping in mind that I have quite a few pounds still to lose but success is success!) It has not been a steady loss every day but most days at least 1/2 pound, some days more. I am loving how great I feel and I how clear my brain feels. No more FBS (foggy brain syndrome) for this gal! Was just telling my best friend yesterday about this lifestyle change and she wants to learn about it herself. Gonna lend her the Eat to Live book and see what she thinks. She has a food loving family, and a husband who cooks some absolutely incredible food, so it may be more of a challenge for her at this point in her life.

My daughter is not losing weight steadily like I am so I stopped sharing what the scale is saying. She has made the lifestyle change also to eat fresh foods with a few social events mixed in (where she has to adapt a little) but she is frustrated that the weight is not coming off as fast for her. I think part of the problem is that she is not actually eating enough so she is working on that. On the flip side, she and I have both found that after the initial skin rebellion days, we can both report that our skin has improved significantly and feels so much better! It was worth the acne filled week for me to get to this place of my normally clear skin, looking even healthier than it did when we started. No complaints from this 46 year old! My daughter's acne issues are improving and she is very grateful for this.

Watched Forks over Knives on Netflix today and although it was a long show, it was worth the time. Checked out the website, also, and found some interesting articles. Going to explore more when I have some extra time.

Happy Wednesday to all!

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